Sandrino @ Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia

Italian is the fifth most identified ancestry in Australia according to wikipedia, and their influence is perhaps most evident in their food, with many Italian restaurants lining the streets of Australia, not to mention the vast winery dotting the country side. We are thankful that proud Australians though they may be, still retain that wonderful culinary skills that are comparable to their comrades back in Italy. One such restaurant that we were lucky to dine in was Sandrino.

Sandrino Cafe & Pizzeria
Tel: 08 9335 4487
95 Market St
Fremantle, WA 6160
Located at the scenic Fremantle, the ambiance of the restaurant proudly radiates the history of Fremantle and Perth, that shows little ethnicity, save for the 2 dome-shaped stone oven, a rare sight in Malaysia, and therefore, immediately, Pizza comes to mind. We have got to try the pizza then.
Pizza AUD23.00
And so Pizza and pasta it is. And we were in for a wonderful sight and taste feast. First up, of course, was , the Pizza. We had the Ham, Pepperoni, prosciutto, Italian sausage and panchetta. The menu shows toppings and not 'pizza names' so its quite a mouthful to mention and consume. The pizza was thin but crusty and filling, while the prosciutto and panchetta, (cured leg of ham) was fragrant from absorbing the smokeyness of the authentic wood oven. While the saltiness of all that pepperoni, sausage just explodes in the acidity of the tomato base sauce. There is definitely a marked difference from electric oven and Stone oven, whereby the latter adds more earthy smokey flavor to whatever food that is baking inside of it. This Pizza costs $23
Carbonara Fettucine AUD20.50
Next we had the Carbonara Fettucine, which was filled with bacon, mushroom, cracked peppers, and bathed in a generous amount of cream sauce. The bacon saltiness of bacon went really well with the sweet and slightly bitter mushroom, as well as the slightly sweet sauce. The pasta was al-dante and the whole experience leads to a pleasant after taste. This dish costs $20.50
Sword Fish Fettucine AUD34.00
Another pasta that we had was the Sword Fish Fettucini, a fettucine pasta laced with shellfish, buttered fresh vegetables and and pan-fried swordfish. Finally it is drenched in white wine cream sauce.The pasta was al-dante again with the tasty and fragrant fish, complementing the juicy shellfish. The sweetness of the veges and slightly bitter and savory sauce makes a good partnership in this wonderful dish. This dish costs $34
Caesar Salad AUD20.00
Lastly, we had the caesar salad, with lettuce, bacon, anchovies, egg, cherry tomato, crutons and drizzled with parmesan cheese. Evern the caesar here is done in an extravagant way. The whole saltiness of the anchovies, and sweetness of the lettuce and cheese and sweet and sour tomato totally changes our view of how caesar salad should be. This dish costs $20.
Lastly, a shout out of thanks to Lawrence and Michelle, again for hosting us this wonderful meal. team: Thank you for reading our posts. Our team media coverage touches mostly on lifestyle events and focuses on happening scenes in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. Invite us for food reviews, travel and hotel reviews, KL clubbing reviews and product launches. Our other interests include the movies, technology and photography. Subscribe to my facebook page. Contact us via my email at: [email protected] or [email protected]


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