Noble House Chinese Restaurant @ Karambunai Resort @ Sepanggar

Feast just like Chinese emperors of old at Noble Restaurant and re-live the moment in culinary delight previously only reserved for Royalty. It is no wonder, perhaps, that the restaurant is so named after ancient noblemen, and today is truly available to the everyday Joe.

Off Jalan Sepangar Bay,
Locked Bag 100, 88993 Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel: 60 88 480 888 Fax: 60 88 480 999
Photo below: Noble House Chef Ang with bloggers
Peking Roasted Duck (2 Dishes) RM110.00
We were very excited to be treated like 'blue' blood, and our 'servants' (here of course refers to the excellent-in-hospitality host of Karambunai Resort) brought out our first dish, none other than Peking Duck (RM110)
This sumptuous duck, slow grilled to retain juiciness, then bathed in hot oil to give the outer skin a nice crisp, is also a sight to behold before the skillful carve. Then one of the Masters will carve out the duck in front of the guest, enjoy the show and try hard to hold in the saliva, it is definitely a virtue to master. The wait was not in vain, as we rolled the duck meat, crispy skin, capsicum, cucumber, spring onion, drizzled with sweet gravy and finally rolled in an egg crape like skin.
A bite in and you can feel the aromatic and juicy duck, the flesh as you can see is still red on the innermost part, while the skin is crisp and salty. It goes well with the crunchyness of the fresh vege and capsicum, and the slightly sweet skin makes a good overall taste. We could go on and on about the duck, but alas there are more to come. Much, much more.
Doubled Boiled Chicken Soup RM15.00
Next we had the steamed double boiled chicken soup, a technique developed perhaps since old China, to retain all the essence of the meat in the soup. In this case, the chicken. And truly all the flavour of the chicken, herbs are all arrested inside the soup. A myriad of aroma and taste is felt, and can only be described as satisfying and refreshing. Each bowl costs RM15
Cod Fish
Next up, we had yet another luxurious food item, Cod fish done in two styles of Steamed and deep fried. The steamed cod fish was soft and tender, bathed in very aromatic but light sauce. The sweet flesh of the fish went very well with the saltiness and aromatic sauce, while the deep fried cod fish gives an excellent twist of crisp and a firmer texture. The fish costs RM27 per 100gm.
Duck Dish
Next up, we had another duck dish. You see, the earlier duck that was carved, with only the carcass left was sent back to the kitchen to create another dish. Hence, for RM110, you get the outer meat and skin, and another dish made from the leftovers to ensure nothing is wasted. In our case, we had the sauteed minced duck with lettuce. Grain sized pieces of meat, sauteed to add in more flavor and taste, is then scooped and put on top of the lettuce, which is then rolled and consumed. You get the flavourful, almost barbaque aroma, and the crunchiness of the sweet lettuce.
Poached Spinach with Century Egg and Anchovies RM28 onwards
Another vegetable dish that is nice is the poached spinach with century egg and anchovies. The spinach retained a strong herby aroma, drenched in rich starchy gravy, to make the usually stiff spinach easier to swallow. The century egg gives a punget aroma, which may be an acquired taste to some, and a delicacy to others. This dish costs RM28 onwards for a small size.
Crispy Prawn with Orange Salad Cream RM38
Next dish we had was also rich in taste and volume, the Crispy prawn with orange salad cream (RM38 for small sized) is a mouthful to mention and even more sore to eat. 2 peaces of shrimp, lumped into one and coated to give a crunchy outer skin and then dipped in special orange mayo, gives a peculiar and wonderful taste. The shrimp which already is a sweet and slightly savoury flesh, when bitten released lots of juicy flavor, and the orange mayo makes this dish sweet and sour but of tangy kind, and not the usual acidic tomato.
Yong Chow Fried Rice RM28.00 (Small)
Next we had the Yong Chow fried rice. A very aromatic and strong with Wok Hei (high heat stir fry) releases a fragrance commonly found in the best chinese kitchen, garlic flavor is also prevalent in this dish, which adds in another woody, earthy aroma, while the rice seemed to get the richness of a buttery texture. This traditional staple costs RM28 for small size.
Sizzling Beef with Barbeque Sauce RM38.00 (Small)
Another traditional chinese cuisine served to us was the sizzling beef with barbeque sauce. Now this is a dish cooked in western flavor, done with an Chinese twist. The sauce was acidic, just like a western barbeque sauce found in steaks and burgers, but cooked with onion, and beef cut to bite size, done over a sizzling slab of metal like the Chinese style. The end effect is a really aromatic and tasty dish with a tender bite. This dish costs RM38 for small size
For Dim Sum's lovers, do take note as Noble House Chinese Restaurant is also well-known for their delicious halal Dim Sum. We are happy to be able to sample some of the great Dim Sum's dishes.
Chicken Prawn Dumpling RM6.00
Chicken Prawn Dumpling, also known as 'Siew Mai' in Cantonese, is a must-have during any Dim Sum's session. With minced chicken and fresh prawn as filling, the dumpling were delicate and delicious.
Steamed Teochew dumpling RM6
These Teochew Dumpling are transparent, smooth and delicious. The juicy filling included minced chicken, dried shrimp, peanut, chinese chives and mushroom.
Steamed BBQ Chicken Bun RM6
Although the Steamed BBQ Chicken Bun, the well known Char Siu Bao, in Noble House Chinese Restaurant used chicken as a substitute to pork, it contained the same good flavour as any Char Siu Bao in a non-halal's restaurant. The juicy sweet BBQ chicken filling tasted so good in the fluffy steamed bun.
Crystal Prawn Dumpling RM8.50
Another highly recommended dish while having Dim Sum is the Crystal Prawn Dumpling. It consists of succulent and juicy prawn wrapped with thin and translucent skin, steamed to perfection.
Scallop Dumpling RM11
A great variation to the Crystal Prawn Dumpling is the Scallop Dumpling. It has the succulent prawn as filling  with a perfectly tender scallop on top which brings the flavour of the dumpling to another level.
Phoenix Feet RM6
The texture of the Phoenix Feet is light, fluffy, moist and tender. It is deliciously flavoured with black bean sauce.
Prawn Chicken Hor Fun RM6.00 BBQ Chicken Hor Fun RM6.00
There are two types of Cheung Fun, rice noodle rolls, available in the Menu; Prawn Chicken Hor Fun and BBQ Chicken Hor Fun. Both were topped with sweetened soy sauce and served hot upon ordering. The soft and smooth noodle with prawn and minced chicken filling tasted sweet and succulent while the BBQ Chicken Hor Fun tasted fragrantly good and sweet.
Yam Dumpling RM6.00
Mashed yam stuffed with sweetened bbq chicken and deep-fried in a crispy batter, the Yam Dumpling is a delightful dish. It has a nice and flaky batter with soft and creamy texture of yam and juicy and flavourful bbq chicken filling.
Shrimp Beancurd Roll
Fresh shrimp wrapped with beancurd skin and seaweed, deep-fried till golden brown and served with Thai chili sauce. It is crispy on the outside, juicy and sweet on the inside.
Shrimp Toast RM6.00
The Shrimp Toast is a fusion dish which used succulent shrimp as topping. The crunchy toast tasted deliciously good with shrimp topping.
Mango Pudding RM8.00
Lastly, to end our meal with a satisfied note, dessert were served. Firstly, we had the Mango Pudding. The sweet fragrance of mango is the key of these irresistible dessert. Paired with milk, it makes the pudding tasted extra smooth and nice.
Shang Hai Pan Cake RM8.00
Next, we had the Shang Hai Pan Cake. It is crispy and flaky with a nice sweet flavour. team: Thank you for reading our posts. Our team media coverage touches mostly on lifestyle events and focuses on happening scenes in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. Invite us for food reviews, travel and hotel reviews, KL clubbing reviews and product launches. Our other interests include the movies, technology and photography. Subscribe to my facebook page. Contact us via my email at: [email protected] or [email protected]


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