Little Creatures @ Fremantle, Western Australia

Be it a cold and wet day or a hot bright sunny day, there's plenty of reason to visit Little Creatures. The warm rustic bar provides warmth for the cold traveler, and its straight from brewery to tap cold beers and ciders can quench the driest of throat.

Little Creatures
40 Mews Road
Fremantle WA 6160, Australia
(08)9430 5555
Located at the picturesque seaside of Fremantle, Little creatures is a must visit, most notably because of the fresh beer that is quite literally fresh from the brewery. That's because this pub serves as a front for a bustling brewery, quenching thirst across Australia with successes in Melbourne and Geelong.
This is also a restaurant serving decent food adjacent to the Bar, however, this time around the team along our kind hosts Lawrence and Michelle, were already filled to the brim with grilled seafood and traditional fish and chips. So what better way than to wash down those seafood, than with a tall pint.
We did end up with more than a pint though, because like wineries across Australia, you get a generous sample all of their brew. By the end of the sample, light drinkers such as us were already 'nearly there'.
Did I mention that it was fresh from the tap? Admittedly we are not drinkers of great beer, and have rather limited knowledge, but what we can say is that, its so fresh that each brew retains its unique and distinct body and aroma.
The lists of beers are endless and you get to sample all of them (as mentioned before) But the beer that we had was Rogers Beer, a gentle-bitterness that goes easy on the palate, touched by a light citrusy and malty feeling. Rogers is classified as a type of ale, so the aromatic sensation is almost expected

The other beer that we had was the pale ale. Contrary to our tried and tested "beer wisdom", lighter colored brew doesn't necessarily translates to lighter taste i.e. Ladies beer. The pale complexion comes from the Hop flowers used generously in the brew. The flower gives a good citrus flavour, while the maltiness gives a distinct bitterness. Alcohol content wise, the pale ale tops the class with 5.2%, with the Rogers containing the least with 3.8%

The price for half pint is between $5 - $5.5 while a Pint is $8.5 - $9.5
Other brews that are available straight from the tap is the Bright Ale. Again very aromatic which is almost similar with the pale ale, but this one packs more malt and lesser hop.

Besides Ales, there are also 2 types of lager available on tap. One of these is the Pilsner, a more traditional taste of crisp and clean "straight up" beer and the other one is "single batch" a traditional dark lager with a twist of citrusy Hop flowers.
There are also beers that goes direct to bottle. Their flagship 'White Rabbit' and 'Pipsqueak' are available in limited stores, and sadly not available on our shores. 'White Rabbit' comes in 2 brews of Dark and White Ales ($8.00 per 330ml bottle), which we have not manage to try.
'Pipsqueak' comes in Apple cider and Pear cider ($7.5 per 330ml bottle). The apple cider are our favourites, because it is not really a beer, neither is it a juice. Yet it possess the body of a beer but the juicy and fruity flavor of a juice (bear in mind it may lack the vitamins and minerals of a fruit juice). So you can say, it contains the best in both worlds, and that is, in our books, a great thirst quencher. Be wary though, that the ciders pack a punch in terms of alcohol content with both having a volume of 5.2% and 4% for the apple and pear respectively
A shoutout again to Lawrence and Michelle for being a great host in finding these hidden jewels of Western Australia. We at Everdayfoodilove, would like to remind everyone to drink responsibly, be it ale, lager or 'harmless' cider.
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