Secret Garden BBQ Korean Restaurant @ D'Junction, Penampang

Secret Garden BB Korean Restaurant which previously located in Lido, had relocated to D'Junction, Penampang, about a month ago. During lunch hours, the restaurant is having a promotion on Value Meal at the price of only RM9.90 while there will be 40% discount on the ala-carte menu. For dinner, a discount of 20% will be given if you order from the BBQ's menu.

Secret Garden BBQ Korean Restaurant
1st Floor, Lot B,
D'juntion Square ,
88300 Kota Kinabalu
Tel:016-834 7170
Dori Fish RM20.00
The Dori fish's fillet were lightly coated with batter and pan-fried till crispy. The texture was firm, despite being a Dori fish, it was still flavourful from the dip.
Jukumi RM26.00
Jukumi is dish consist of stir-fried squids in spicy sauce. This dish packs a lot of heat with savoury taste. The squid had a firm yet springy texture.
Gojuchang Bulgoki RM27.00
The Gojuchang Bulgoki is a dish made of stir-frying pork with spicy sauce. The tender pork meat, coated with thick and heavy spicy sauce tasted good with steamed rice. 
Bulgoki RM26.00
Known as Bulgoki, the pan-fried beef with vegetables, seasoned with sweet soy sauce, is a very homely Korean's dish. It is slightly sweetish in taste, with tender and juicy meat. 
Samgetang (Small) RM20.00
A signature dish in Korean cuisine, Samgetang, boiled spring chicken stuffed with ginseng glutinous rice, ginkgo and red dates, is a highly recommended dish. It is a healthy and nourishing soup, packed with delicious flavours.  
Heamul Pajon RM20.00
In Korean, a seafood pajon is called haemul pajon. It is a pancake-like Korean dish made from a batter of eggs, wheat flour, rice flour, spring onions and seafood. This savoury pancake is very filling and pleasant to your taste buds.
Bibimkooksoo RM20.00
Bibimkooksoo is a popular Korean cold noodle dish. The springy thin wheat noodle tossed with gojuchang (red pepper paste), sesame oil and sesame seeds, accompanied by vegetables, tasted spicy but refreshing. It was fragrantly good and slightly sweet in taste. Personally, it is one of my favourite dish of all.

Jajang (Set Lunch) RM9.90
Set Lunch is available from 11.00am to 2.30pm everyday including Sunday. There are 7 types of special dishes at the price of only RM9.90 per set (not including drinks). The set lunch menu comes with rice and kinchi soup.

Set Lunch Menu:
Jabchea ( Korean Glass Noodles )
Jjukumi ( Spicy Octopus )
Gochujang Bulgoki ( Spicy Pork )
Bulgogi ( Soya Sauce Beef )
Jajangmeon Sauce ( Korean Black Bean Paste )
Dakdoritang ( Korean Curry Chicken )
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