Ramadhan Buffet at Grand Borneo [email protected] Borneo Hypermall

During this holy month of Ramadhan, break fast at a hotel that is far away from the hustle and bustle of central business district, where a hypermall is just steps away, and where you can buy all your Raya goodies under one roof. Come for the attraction and stay for the food, for at this place lots of tantalizing and delicious food awaits you.

Grand Borneo Hotel
Vinusak Hall, 3rd Floor,
1Borneo Hypermall,
Some of you may be familiar with Grand Borneo's restaurant - Soul Out. But the Ramadhan buffet is located at their Ballroom, to accommodate a large group of people as well to house a massive selection of food. The food section is divided into 2 sections - indoor (serving cakes, sweets, fruits, starters, desserts, drinks) as well as an outdoor buffet spread (serving all the main courses)
We'll start with the outdoor section. You'll be delighted to know there are 6 live cooking stations. 1 grill section, serving chicken sate, beef sate, grilled chicken wings, grilled fish and grilled lamb chop. This is the hot favorite for obvious reasons that all the good stuff is here.
Another live action station serves fried mee, meehon and kuey tiao. The noodles are actually quite fragrant with strong wok hei. Good hawker stall quality and since it is laid outdoor, the chef can strut his stuff with no holds barred.
1 station caters freshly made roti jala with chicken rendang. The roti jala was sweet and nicely paired with the tasty fragrant rendang ayam.
1 station dedicated to making kuching laksa. The broth was rich and thick but not too spicy.
1 station dishing out freshly deep fried pastry such as cucur udang, pisang goreng, keladi goreng. The cucur udang was firm and crispy.
No Ramadhan dinner would be complete without bubur lambuk, and there is 1 station serving this national favorite dish.
If you're not salivating yet, then fret not because we're not done yet. The outdoor section also boasts a centre spread serving among others - Chilli crab, rendang daging, Nasi Briyani, Ayam percik and many more.
To those that are still fasting now, then we apologize for casting a huge temptation, but bear with us as we move indoors.
As mentioned earlier you'll find some starters, kurma, pecal and salads. On top of that, indoors is also where you go to top of a nice dinner, with desserts offering such as ABC or Air Batu kacang, Ice cream with toppings to put with your hearts content, and the ABC machine is self service. But it is easy to operate even a little boy will have no problems helping himself. Toppings, like the ice cream can be poured on top to your hearts desire.
There are also various cakes, cookies and sweets to satisfy your sweet tooth. 
Drinks bar will find you quenching your thirst with Air bandung, lime juice, ice lemon tea, kiwi cordial, orange cordial and black currant cordial. As well as mandatory coffee and tea.
The best news above all is the price. With all the massive selection and a good taste to boot, you don't have to sell off your arms and legs as it costs only RM45 per pax, but you must buy the vouchers up front. Not too bad considering these are price level of a decade ago. Without voucher, it will only costs you RM60++
A big shoutout to Mr. Yong for inviting us to this food review.

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