Koki Bandung @ Alamesra

During the holy month of Ramadan, before the Muslims celebrating Hari Raya, we managed to join the big crowd for Buka Puasa dinner in Koki Bandung. Utilizing our discount voucher bought from groupon.com on their previous deal, we made an early reservation a day before our meal.

TEL: 088-485298

Buka Puasa Buffet Spread
Ikan Terbang RM14.00
For those who had bought the same voucher earlier, the Ikan Terbang wasn't listed in the deal, however, due to the unavailability of the dish promised in the deal, the restaurateur had replaced it to another dish (on the day we dine-in). 

Ikan Terbang is actually deep-fried whole Tilapia fish, served with fresh cabbage, cucumber slices, tomato slices, fried beancurd, tempeh and chili paste. The fish is crispy and delicious.
Rice (FOC)
The rice is served hot in a basket and tasted fluffy, fragrantly good and nicely seasoned.
Ayam Penyet RM9.00
Apart from the Ikan Terbang, Ayam Penyet is another signature dish of the restaurant. The chicken was crispy on the outside while juicy inside. Goes with the fragrantly good and spicy chili paste, it was a delicious dish.
Iga Penyet RM12.00
Iga Penyet, is a dish made from beef ribs coated with Bumbu sauce and spicy chili sauce. The beef was tender while sweet and spicy in taste. It is one of the highlight of the night. 
Sate Sipitang RM1.00 per stick
The Sate (Satay) Sipitang, is a dish of marinated, skewered and grilled meat ,served with peanut sauce. It was juicy, fragrantly good and flavourful. A highly recommended dish if you happen to be in Koki Bandung.
Indonesian Dessert (Made from Banana)


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