Gam Tong Hong Kong Recipe at 1 Borneo Hypermall

Gam Tong Hong Kong recipe will make anyone feel like royalty with their new promotion, and we were very happy to be invited  to feast on a meal fit for an emperor. Beijing Duck is the main attraction this evening and we were salivating all throughout the time we were taking photo.

Hong Kong Recipe 
G823 Grd Floor, 1 Borneo Hypermall
Jln Sulaiman 88450, 
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Tel: 088-488833
Business Hour: 10am-10pm
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Blended Soya Milk, RM4.80
Vegetables Juice, RM6.30
This here is the main reason most of us drove all the way to a distant mall - Beijing duck. Deep fried and very crispy. This is the stuff that people from all over the globe have grown to love and yearn for. The whole set costs only RM88++ and is enough for 4 to 5 people. A good bargain indeed for menu fit for royalty.

Like in any grand restaurants serving Beijing duck, a cook will skillfully carve the skin out before you. Look at the pictures below and you'll know what I mean. The crispy skin is attached with just a little bit of fat underneath to experience just enough flavor and juciness. 

The skins that are carved out are consumed as follows: Take a piece of sweet savory thin pancake. Next, spread some sweet savoury black bean sauce, place the crispy yummy duck skin, put on top of it a stick of spring onion and cucumber. Roll up the pancake and enjoy. The fragrance of the spring onion accentuates the aroma from the duck and the sweetness from the sauce highlights the flavors of the duck and the cucumber gives it crunchy twist.
This is a complete all duck dishes set meal
After the skins are carved out. The remaining meat and bones are used to cook the soury savoury duck broth with tomatoes. Although it has a pungent aroma, the taste is complete mild assisted by the tomatoes while beancurd lighten the duck flavour to make it very palatable. 
Next up we had bean curd and vege with abalone sauce and of course, braised duck feet. The beancurd was soft with firm skin while the duck feet, was tender and sweet, although appearance are somewhat intimidating, but then again this is where the term 'looks can be deceiving' is used.

Next, we had bittergourd braised with duck meat. The meat was tasty and chewy sans all the bones. The bittergourd was not too overwhelming the whole dish. Very tasty indeed.
Next we had steamed fish with preserved meat. The fish and meat was actually rather sweet but in a good way and goes well with rice. 
After all that food which, in no doubt could be too heaty for some, then end your dinner with some homemade herbal jelly. This herbal concoction is good to dispel heat from your body. A nice end indeed. 

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