Lunar New Year Celebration at Dorsett Regency Hotel Kuala Lumpur

This Chinese New Year, the Dorsett Regency Kuala Lumpur is bringing to you auspicious Chinese delicacies at its Checkers Cafe. Feast on luscious dishes like Yee Sang, Braised Sea Cucumber with Mushroom and Drief Scallops, Pan-fried cod fillet with Cod Caviar, Steamed Sea Bass, Golden Roasted Chicken, Deep Fried Prawns with Oats, Stir fried dried oysters with "fatt choy" (black moss), Chinese New Year cookies and glutinous rice balls.

Checkers Cafe provides a lovely ambience and environment for the traditional Chinese New Year Eve reunion dinners. It offers you a hassle free reunion dinner with great food too. Chinese New Year Eve reunion dinners are often quite a handfull of work for most people, especially the older generation. Why not do things differently this year by taking your parents and family out for the reunion dinner? It saves time and allows the older generation a good rest before the auspicious New Year ushers in. *Exclusive for Everyday Food I Love reader, make your CNY Buffet reservation through this link to get 38% Discount "Lunar New Year Celebration at Dorsett Regency"

Checkers Cafe @ Dorsett Regency Hotel
172, Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-2716 1000
Fax: 603-2715 5000
Checkers Cafe understands that Chinese New Year dishes are all about auspicious overtones, denoting prosperity, good luck, fortune and health. Its Executive Chef, KK Yau and his team will be "woking up" an array of enticing Chinese New Year as well as international fare to tanalise your tastebuds throughout this festive season. You will have the opportunity to savour sumptous dishes like the Hong Kong Baked Rice, XO Sauce Fried Rice, Prawn Dumplings, Yam Cake, Stuffed Beancurd and Vegetables, Crab Stick Rolls and seafood on ice. There's also a little something for those who love their sweet stuff. Don't miss out the variety of desserts ranging from Tiramisu, Orange Brulee Tarts, and Golden Ssame Seed Balls with lotus paste.
Group photo: Bloggers and Chef Lai
I have been very honoured to have been invited for the food tasting at Dorsett Regency Hotel. Many thanks for the invitation and the lovely meal. I hope my readers who decide to do things differently this Chinese New Year will keep in mind Dorsett Regency Hotel's Checkers Cafe!
Sous Chef Lai 
Our Sumptuous CNY Prosperity Dinner was prepared by Chef Lai tonight! Must try his Specialty Pan-fried Lamb with special sauce, Char Siu/BBQ Chicken and Traditional Chinese Desserts
Start with a Posperity Splash Drink
(Mixtured of Pineapple, Mandarin orange, Dragon Fruit juice and hint of honey)
We are having a sit down dinner, easier for photography session
Salmon Yee Sang with Crispy Salmon Skin
Ushering Chinese New Year with Prosperity Toss or 'lo hei' 2012 Dragon with Yee Sang, as an appertizer to start of "Salmon Yee Sang with crispy Salmon skin", a symbolism of good luck.
Some Chinese would consume it on the seventh day of the Chinese New Year but it may be eaten on any convenient day during Chinese New Year (1st to 15th Day). Auspicious wishes saying out by the leader amongst the diners or the restaurant server proceeds to add ingredients such as the fish, the crackers and the sauces. All diners at the table then stand up and toss the shredded ingredients together into the air with chopsticks while saying various "auspicious wishes" out loud, or simply "lo hei..lo hei". It is believed that the height of the toss reflects the height of the diner's growth in fortunes, thus diners are expected to toss enthusiastically.
Lo Hei....Lo Hei....
The higher you toss reflects the higher your fortunes will grow!
Pan-fried Lamb Rack with Chef Special Sauce
Chef’s Special: Lamb Rack with special sauce is one of Chef Lai’s delightful creations. Skillfully pan-fried with his secret combination of sauces and spices. Chef Lai explained that quality lamb racks are used as they don't carry a strong gamy taste or smell. The meat was tender, juicy and coated with very tastefully caramalised secret sauce.
Braised Shark's Fin with Assorted Seafood
A Chinese delicacy dish especially for CNY, this version had fluffy chunks of crab meat, fish maw and assorted seafood that made the thick soup delightful.
Steamed Chicken with Herbs
The smell of herbs and sweet taste of the chicken while serve hot make the dish so fantastic. Chicken has a great flavor and texture.
The New Year's Eve reunion dinner is very important and large. Traditionally includes chicken, Fish and etc..., but not eaten up completely (and the remaining stored overnight), as the Chinese phrase "nian nian you yu" (meaning: every year there is fish/leftover), is a homophone for phrases which could mean "be blessed every year" or "have profit every year", since "yu" is also the pronunciation for "profit". In Chinese culture, chicken forms part of the symbolism of the dragon and phoenix. At a Chinese wedding, chicken's feet (sometimes referred to as phoenix feet) are often served with dragon foods such as lobster. Chicken is also popular at Chinese New Year, symbolizing a good marriage and the coming together of families (serving the bird whole emphasizes family unity).
Deep Fried Cod Fish with Superior Soya Sauce
Crispy on the outside and tender cod fish flake, moist meat with clean flavor, just go to go with simple superior soya sauce.
Fish also has symbolic significance because the Chinese word for fish "yu" sounds like the word for riches or abundance, and it is believed that eating fish will help your wishes come true in the year to come.
Deep Fried Prawns with Seafood Sauce
This deep fried prawn was remarkably delicious, juicylicious flesh and and the seafood sauce add an extra flavor.
Prawn "har..har" - happiness and good fortune
Braised Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber, Dried Oyster and Black Mushroom with seasonal vegetable
All the abundance great ingredients in one dish, completely absorbed the flavor of Chef's slightly thicken gravy, you can taste it by simply having a piece of those black fleshy mushroom or simply dip those broccoli with gravy.
Ingredients goodness: Fish maw, with its silken texture and abundant collagen, is much loved by Chinese ladies.
Dried oysters popular during Chinese New Year because of their auspicious name called 'ho see' which sounds like good deeds, good fortune, or prosperity.
Sea cucumber 'hai shen' translates into "sea ginseng' in Chinese. It has a slippery texture and flavorless, but has the ability to soak up the flavors of foods and seasonings it is cooked with. In Chinese medicine, sea cucumber has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat everything from high blood pressure in humans to joint pain.

Fried Rice with ginger and salted egg
Savory work taste fluffy rice with the lovely color and fragrant from salted egg and ginger.
Steamed Nian Gao
Nian Gao is a Chinese New Year's cake, it's prepared by Chef Lai himself from scratch. He purposely make it slightly softer for better texture and coated it with shredded coconut. It is considered good luck to eat nian gao during this time, because "nian gao" is a homonym for "higher year."
Golden Sesame Ball with Red Bean paste
Chef Lai can really made good dessert this is one of my favourite and he done it well!
Sweetened Red Bean Paste
End with a bowl of traditional comfort sweet dessert soup, the vibrant color of red bean signifies happiness and luck!
CNY at Checkers Cafe going to be Buffet Style

Yee Sang with Crackers and Salmon Fillet
Roasted Duck Breast Glazed with Honey Dressing (cold)
Roasted Chinese-style Duck, Chicken and Chinese Bun

Toss Romaine Lettuce with Caeser dressing with choice of Crispy Beef Bacon, Shave Parmesan Cheese, Crouton, Garlic Confit, Anchovy and lemon wedge

Assorted homemade breads

River Smoked Salmon with lemon dressing
Roasted Chicken and Gherkin

Sweet corn salad, Mexican corn salad, Oyster mushroom and green German potato salad, Green Bean, Nicoise Salad, Tomato, Yogurt cucumber, Hummus Babaganoush, Tauboleh salad, Garden green, Asian Spicy Thai beef salad.

Thousand Island, French Dressing, Herbs Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Italian Dressing

Oyster, Green Mussel, Tiger Prawn, Lemon juice, Cocktail sauce, Shallot Dressing and Lime dressing.

Hot and Sour soup, Seafood and Shark's fin soup

Chicken Rice - Roasted and Steamed Chicken
Waffle - Ala minute (maple syrup, fruit salad, whipped cream - topping, icing sugar, cinnamon sugar)

Roasted Lamb Leg, Salmon Confit with Poached Egg, Kari Ayam Berkentang, Pan Fried Cod Fillet with Cod Caviar, Sauteed Vegetable with Fish Maw, Braised Sea Cucumber and Mushroom, Nian-nian You yu - Steamed Sea Bass, Buddha's Delight - Braisedd Mixed Vegetables, Lucky Chicken - Golden Roasted Chicken, Deep Fried Prawn with Oats, Chinese Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leave, Stir-fried Dry Oyster with "Fatt Choy", Braised Chinese cabbage with Dried Scallops and Fish Paste, Fried Wanton Mee with Shitake Mushroom and Seafood, Cantonese Fried Rice.

Curry Mee

Charcoal-grilled chicken, beef, lamb satay serve with rice cakes, cucumber, onions, pineapple and peanut sauce.

Maguro and Salmon sushi, baby octopus and unagi sashimi, Futomaki Rice Rolls with Prawn and Vegetables, Californi Rolls with Avocado and Cuumber served with Kikoman, wasabi and pickles radish.

Watermelon, honeydew, papaya, pineapple, dragon fruit and jack fruit with asam powder.

Orange Brulee Tartlet, Strawberry Fantasy, Ginger Cream Caramel, Panna Cotta, Mango Smoothness, Profiterole, Chocolate Baked Cheese, Trutti Fruity and Tiramisu, Assorted Malay Kuih, French Pastries, Chinese New Year Cookies, Fried "Nian Kao", Golden Sesame Balls

Choice of Ice Cream
Chocolate Fountain
Topping and condiments: Macadamia, pistachio, almond, walnut, chocolate chips, peanut, apricot with choolate, vanilla, raspberry and strawberry sauce served with waffle

Rice Pudding, Bread and Butter Pudding

Coffee and Tea
Catch Lion Dance Performance on 26th January 2012 at 9:30am at Dorsett Regency Kuala Lumpur, held at the main Lobby
Checkers Cafe's fabulous spread of Chinese New Year for an unforgettable Lunar New Year celebration together with family and friends.
For Everyday Food I Love reader, you'l received 38% discount if you make your CNY Buffet reservation through this link (below)

Reunion Buffet Dinner
22nd January 2012
Price: RM108++ per person

"Gong Xi Fa Cai'  New Year Brunch
23rd and 24th January 2012
12.00 noon to 4:00pm
Price: RM75++ per person

Joy and Luck Buffet Lunch
Monday to Friday 
(25th - 31st January 2012/ 2nd - 5th January 2012)
Price: RM75++ per person

Prosperity Buffet Dinner
Monday to Friday
(23rd to 31st January 2012/ 1st February to 6th February 2012)
Price: RM85++ per person

*50% discount for children between the ages of 4 to 12 and senior  citizens of 55 years old and above
*Price quoted are subject to 10% service charge and 6% government tax.
For Reservation:
 603-2716 1000
For Everyday Food I Love reader, you'l received 38% discount if you make your CNY Buffet reservation through this link (below)
"Lunar New Year Celebration at Dorsett Regency"
CNY Cupcakes for every bloggers to bring home as a gift!
Dorsett Regency Hotel KL
DORSETT REGENCY HOTEL (managed by Kosmopolito Hotels International, for more info, visit:
Address: 172, Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: 603-2716 1000
Fax: 603-2715 5000
Dorsett Regency located at Golden Triangle, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It's just a stone away from the capital’s finest shopping malls, eateries, entertainment outlets and sightseeing spots. Take just a short stroll and you will find yourself at the door step of Pavilion KL, Star Hill, Lot 10, Sungai Wang Plaza, Bintang Walk, Berjaya Times Square … the list just goes on. Basically, most attractions are within two to 10 minutes’ walk away. The Hotel's commitment towards "value for money" pricing and unique personal touch has truly differentiated it from the rest of other establishments.
For more infomation on Dorsett Regency Kuala Lumpur, visit:

Shot with Nikon D7000
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