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I've been invited for the soft launch of Din Tai Fung [email protected], they're having a trial run for their business to make sure their services efficiency and food quality reach their guest expectation. Din Tai Fung has been voted Top 10 Restaurants in the World by The New York Times and has garnered 1 Michelin Star. This Taiwanese restaurant serves on of the best Xiao Long Bao (steamed dumplings). Open kitchen concept is their trademark and also well-appointed decor, serving comfort food like pork chop fried rice and stir-fried vegetables. Or go for a heartier meal, the braised Beef La-mian, springy noodles wallowing in rich beefy soup. I would highly recommend this be a once a week family visit restaurant with dishes like steamed chicken soup, fried rice with pork chop that is incredibly tender, noodle soups and wantons (all hand-made) that will please anyone and any age group.

Din Tai Fung [email protected]
G17-G20, Ground Floor [email protected]
N 2A, Jln PJU 7/3, Mutiara Damansara, 
47810 PJ Selangor 03-7725-0277
Tel: 03-7728 3218

As you watch through the open kitchen at the regiments of cooks hand-making - kneading, rolling, stuffing and shaping them in the millions. The art of making Xiao Long Bao is a delicate process. The flour wrap must be of a certain consistency, too thick and the dumpling is doughy, too thin and it will break easily. Even the soup within cannot be too abundant or too greasy and the meat not to be overcooked. At Din Tai Fung, each piece of Xiao Long Bao is wrapped in fine, firm, translucent skin, and each dumpling has at least 18 exquisite folds. The meat within, steamed to perfection, is plump and juicy to the bite. Each Xiao Long Bao is made fresh when you order.
House Special Appertizer, RM4.50
Stewed Beancurd with Honey sauce, RM7.00
Spicy Jelly Fish, RM7.80
Taiwanese Century Egg, RM3.80
Spicy Vegetable Pork Wanton, RM9.00
Spicy Pork Wanton, RM10.00
Pork wanton tossed in spicy sauce, silky wanton wrap in pork filling with an added intense spiciness.
Xiao Long Bao, RM11.80
The original pork dumplings have a degree of richness, partly due to the fat content in both the soup and meat. This richness is balanced or counteracted by dipping your dumpling in vinegar and adding a few slices of young ginger, gave you that sweet-sour taste sensation that stimulates all the taste receptors.
Xiao Long Bao with Crab, RM16.80
A delicate dumpling skin is wrapped around a juicy pork with crab and like magic, the dumpling also contains a shot of tasty broth. 
Truffle Xiao Long Bao, RM36.00
Their latest creation, truffle Xiao Long Bao, combination of ground pork, pork soup and French black truffle. The pork dumpling infuses the earthy truffle aromas and flavour in the soup.
Shrimp and Pork Shao-mai, RM13.80
Another outstanding steamed dumpling!
Shrimp and Pork Dumpling, RM10.80
Vegetarian Dumpling, RM10.80
Deep Fried Shrimp Pork Wanton, RM10.00
Mango Shrimp Roll, RM8.00
The Mango Shrimp Roll here is one of our favourite dishes. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, the sweetness of the mango goes well with the savoury and fresh prawn, a unique combination and seriously delicious. 
Taiwanese Spring Roll, RM6.00

Baby Green Beans with Minced Pork, RM16.00
Stir-fried Spinach with Garlic, RM13.00
Stir-fried Chinese Cabbage with Garlic, RM13.80
Golden Pumpkin with salted egg, RM10.80
Pumpkin coated with salted egg yolk, battered and deepfried. The gritty texture of the salted egg yolk added more taste and flavor to the pumpkin.
Shanghai Style Deep Fried Fish, RM18.80
The Shanghai deep fried dory tasted just like satay fish. A chewy texture coated with sweet sauce and sesame seed.
Pork Chop, RM10.80
The pork chop was well fried, tender and juicy
House Special Steamed Chicken Soup, RM13.00
Double-steamed chicken soup, almost no other flavors besides chicken. It is the best of the pure, fresh, sweet, concentrated taste of chicken.

Braised Beef Soup, RM14.80
Braised beef (australian beef) soup was outstanding. The soup was boiled for 8 hours, thus ensuring that the soup is flavourful and the meat  is tender.
Cha Jiang La Mian, RM12.80
Savory punch of stir-fried flavors from the ingredients. This classic bowl of noodles keeps to the age-old recipe and retains the original flavours of this dish. The noodles texture is firm and chewy.
Fragrant Spring Onion La Mian, RM12.80
Springy, fresh noodles lightly tossed with some onion oil, strips of chicken and garnished sparingly with chopped scallions

Shrimp Pork Wanton La Mian, RM15.00

Shredded Pork Fried Rice, RM13.00
Definitely a must order dish for pork lover, fluffy rice with savory wok taste!

Mushroom Carrot Fried Rice, RM12.80
Non oily, suitable for health conscious people or vegetarian.

Shrimp Pork Fried Rice, RM15.00
Egg and Shrimp Fried Rice was fantastic, those rice were completely egg-coated, fragrant, soft and fluffy.

Mini Sesame Bun, RM5.50

Red Bean Dumplings, RM7.00
 An amazing dessert, red bean paste (imported from Hong Kong) is so creamy and fragrant. The skin hardens once it get cold, so eat it while it's steaming hot. 

Thousand Layer Cake, RM4.00

Gui Ling Gao, RM6.80

Chilled Mango Pudding, RM7.80
Sweet and juicy mango pieces and the pudding was the perfect consistency of creamy and firm with ample mango flavours and add light milk syrup over for more milky flavor.

Shot with Nikon D7000
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