CNY Day 1: Vegetarian Day (Breakfast & Lunch) @ Northpoint Residence

Chinese New year is the most important of traditional Chinese holidays. In China, it is known as "Spring Festival", it mark the end of the winter season. The festival begins on the first day of the first month "Zheng Yue" in the traditional Chinese calender and ends with Lantern Festival which is on the 15th day. Because the Chinese calender is lunisolar, the Chinese New Year is often reffered to as th "Lunar New Year".

On Lunar New Year, abstaining from meat consumption on the first day is believed to enhance longevity. Additionally, a vegetarian dish helps to purify and cleanse out the body as well as it honors a Buddhist tradition that nothing living should be killed on the first day of the New Year.

Monica's wishing mum "Good Health, Longevity, lots of abundance luck, blessing and wealth"
Chinese New Year Day 1: Early morning, children will greet their parents by wishing them healthy and happy new year, and recieve money in a red paper envelopes.
Jack's wishing mum "Healthy, Longevity, Fatt Tai Choy "Overflowing" and Prosperity!

Angeline's wishing mum "Good Health, Full of Happiness and Goodness throughout the Dragon year!
I'm all dress up too...Gong Xi Fa Cai...wuff...wuff!

Wearing Red: Red is the emblem of joy and this color also symbolizes virtue, truth and sincerity. Candies, cakes, decoration and many things associated with the New Year and its ceremonies are colored red.
Vegetarian Breakfast
Stir-fried Meehoon with assorted vegetables
Mock Duck with Pickled Cucumber

Deep-fried Tofu
Vegetarian Lunch
Mock Duck Ham with Broccoli and Cauliflower 
Lo Hon Chai (Assorted Vegetables Dish)
Mock Duck with Pickled Cucumber
Stir-fried Mock Char Siu with Ham Choy

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Shot with Nikon D7000
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