Nasi Lemak JB @ Kolombong Giant Food Court


Nasi Lemak is a delicacy in Malaysia which could be enjoy anytime during the day. Located in Kolombong Giant's food court, Nasi Lemak JB stall offer a decent plate of Nasi Lemak at an affordable price.

Nasi Lemak JB
Location: 1st Floor, Kolombong Giant Food Court
Nasi Lemak with Beef Curry RM5.00
Steaming hot rice enriched with coconut milk, served with your choice of hot spicy sambal or mild spicy sambal and its accompaniment; hard-boiled egg, roasted peanut, fried anchovies and cucumber slices. Additional dishes are available for order at the food counter. 
Nasi Lemak with Chicken Curry RM5.00
Both the Beef Curry and Chicken Curry is a perfect choice as it tasted good with great curry spices flavour. Goes well with the Nasi Lemak too.


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