Fried Carrot Cakes and Pan Mee @ Lido Food Court

Chai Tow Kway, also known as Carrot Cake is a common dish you can find in a Dim Sum's place, consisting of stir-fried cubes of radish cake.

 Fried Carrot Cake's stall
Lido Food Court
Location: Outside Milimewa, Lido
Fried Carrot Cakes RM5.00
Fried Carrot Cakes are typically prepared by frying the radish cake with chopped preserved radish, diced garlic, eggs, bean sprouts and dark soya sauce. . Chopped spring onion is added just before serving. Chili sauce is added for those who prefer a spicier dish. These delicious dish consists of sweet and savoury flavour with distinctive aroma.
Economy Noodle Stall
Economy Fried Noodle with Fried Chicken Wing and Braised Chickent Feet RM5.50
Apart from Fried Carrot Cake, you can find an array of cooked food at the Economy Noodle's stall. You can choose your favourite dishes and pay accordingly at a reasonable prices.
Pan Mee RM5.00
The Pan Mee is available both in the morning and evening. Delicious homemade noodle served in anchovies broth accompanied by pork, wantan, fish cakes, fried anchovies, sweet potato leaves and pork ball. Highly recommended!


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