Home Gathering @ 1Borneo Apartment

The louder, the better. The more, the merrier. Holding a housewarming party within 90 days of moving to a new residence is believed to blessed the new house with happiness and good luck, according to the Chinese belief.

A small home gathering could be a perfect house warming party for a small and humble apartment. 
Getting ready the steamboat and sauces
Tom Yam Broth
It was more like a pot luck party as Jack's high schoolmates brought most of the food while we get ready the broth, sauces, vegetables and some fish balls.
Prawns from Sandakan (Brought by Jean and Nick)
Specially imported from Sandakan, Jean and Nick brought some fresh prawns and Yu Fu (literally translated as fish puff).
Assorted Frozen Fish Ball
Jack and Monica bought some frozen fish balls from Giant which consisted of fish ball with taro, fish ball with pumpkin, fish ball with otak-otak, fish ball with cheese, fish ball with minced chicken, fish ball with crab meat and fish cakes.
Foo Chow Ball
Every food in the house was halal. Even the Foo Chow Ball, brought by Amber was filled with minced chicken instead of pork. The huge Foo Chow Ball was delicious.
Assorted Fish Ball
Cabbages and Lettuces
Fresh Fruits with Rojak sauce
For dessert, Yiin Wei had brought some fresh fruits; cucumber, papaya, pineapple, guava and jicama.
Konnyaku Jelly with Yogurt filling
As well as the Konnyaku Jelly with Yogurt filling which we named it as 'Explosive Dush'. 
Guacamole Dip
Avocado mixed with onion and tomato, seasoned with lemon juice and salt...Tadda...the Guacamole Dip.  Eaten with chips, it is delicious.
Chocolate Cake
Sinful yet delicious Chocolate Cake made by Phyllis (Cookie Junkies) is something we couldn't miss on that night. It was super moist and rich.
3 in 1 Drink
Lemon, lime and hammoi (sour plum) are the main ingredients of the 3 in 1 Drink. Refreshing and cooling. 


Keith said…
very nice photo effects !...was that a built-in feature on d7000 ?
Angeline said…
Ya, is the color sketch effect from D7000

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