Bornion Restaurant @ Bornion Centre, Luyang

It is never difficult to find Wat Tan Hor in Malaysia, whether is in restaurant, food court or hawker stall, because it is just simply so popular. It also called Cantonese Style Hor Fun or Gong Fu Chow Hor Fen, slightly fried Hor Fun with a thick egg starch gravy, plus some pork meat, vegetable, prawn and squid. Its presentation is superb and with its unique savory wok smell,  is pretty hard for one to resist its temptation. Although Wat Tan Hor can be found everywhere, but it's not easy to find a good one. I finally found it and other delicious dishes at Bornion Restaurant.

Bornion Restaurant @ Bornion Centre
Lot 15, Bornion Centre, Luyang
88300 Kota Kinabalu.
Tel: 019-8227819/ 013-5591123
(located opposite to the famous Kedai Kopi Gunung Emas Chicken Rice, some row with Beef Noodle @ Kedai Kopi Loi Kee/ Milimewa Supermarket at Luyang)
*Highly Recommended you try this restaurant and friendly service.
Drinks, RM4.30
Wat tan hor with mixed ingredients, RM7.00
Highly Recommended! Savoury wok taste and perfctly flavor...large serving portion size too!
Fried Noodle with mixed ingredients, RM7.00
Simple dish but tasted so good!
Stir-fried Choy Sum with Pork, RM8.00
Lots of pork and vegetable...large portion size for the smallest order.


Mr.alien said…
wat tan hor is not difficult to find
but a good wat tan is very hard to find
most malaysia ones added corn starch to make it too much is bad for body
the ones that didn't add..the gravy is very watery
reasons is that they didn't use enough egg...mostly use 1 egg...some 2

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