Warung Puteri @ Likas

On the way to Servay Hypermarket, you'll come across Warung Puteri which is located at the corner shop before the hypermarket. Usually, during peak hours, you'll find a huge crowds patronizing the restaurant.

Warung Puteri
Location: Near Likas Servay
Kari Ayam, RM5.00
The Malay dishes from Warung Puteri possessed a delicate flavour and great aroma. The prices of the dishes are pretty reasonable too. For a single serving of Curry Chicken, it only cost RM5.00. These dish is enriched with spices and goes well with rice.
Peria Telur, RM4.00
Crispy and fragrantly good egg stir-fried with bittergourd. Tasted savoury with mild bitterness.
Tom Yam Campur (Medium), RM12.00
Sourish and spicy soup, loaded with assorted spices and cooked with seafood,chicken, cauliflower, onion, chili, tomato and lemongrass. A great dish to kick-start your appetite.
Sawi Goreng, RM4.00
Total paid for dinner, RM29.40


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