Che Chai Mien and Street Food in Hong Kong

Che Chai Noodle is one of the famous noodles in Hong Kong. Che Chai noodle is most famous in Sai Kung area and you must try if you happen to visit there. Che Chai noodles" is also a Hong Kong traditional food. It was meant to be a very cheap kind of food for working-class, so the ingredients are something very cheap, such as fish balls, radishes, squids and etc. You can choose different ingredients for different noodles. With the improved living standards, the need of cheap food became less necessary, but this kind of noodles are still popular among the more upper-class customers. So today the ingredients have a larger variety, less regard of the price. For the noodles, there are many different choices, such as: rough, vermicelli, rice noodles, instant noodles, or udon.

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旺角花園街1號5舖 (Mong Kok)
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How to order?
Step 1: Choose your favor noodle. flat noodle (kuey teow), rice noodle (mee hoon), wonton mee (thin), rice vermicelli (round), hokkien noodle, wonton mee (flat), rice vermicelli, udon, silver pin noodle, egg noodle (thin), egg noodle (flat) and e-fu noodle (yi mein), demae ramen.
Step 2: Choose your favor toppings: chicken wing, fish ball, pork skin, turnip, pork blood jelly, cuttlefish, BBQ sausage and vegetable, you can simply choose the side dishes you like from over 20 choices.
Che Chai Mien (Car Cart Noodle)
Price Approximately HK$30-HK$41
Hong Kong Street Food.......

Street Food price from HK$5.00....
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