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Che Ana's Kitchen @ Kingfisher

Monica Sunday, November 20, 2011 , , ,

Nasi goreng pattaya, or simply nasi pattaya, is a Malaysian dish made by covering or wrapping chicken fried rice, in fried egg. It is often served with chili sauce and cucumber. The name comes from Pattaya, Thailand.

Che's Ana Kitchen
Location: PLaza Kingfisher, same row with Guardian
Nasi Goreng Pattaya RM5.50
Stir-fried rice with chicken and vegetables wrapped with fried egg and topped with chili sauce. Consist of nice aroma with sweet-savoury and mild spiciness taste.
Nasi Goreng USA RM6.50
Nasi Goreng USA usually comes with beef and a fried egg. Rice was stir-fried with egg and served with beef cooked in red sauce and a sunny side-up. The beef tasted sweet and spicy while the rice tasted savoury which created a good combination of flavours. 

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