What's the difference between mobility and flexibility?

Mobility refer to the ability to make a full range of motion which are restricted by muscle tissue, joints, joint capsules, motor control and soft tissue. Flexibility refers to the ability of your soft tissue (muscles) to stretch.

By all mean, mobility is an umbrella term that includes flexibility and flexibility is part of mobility. Flexibility techniques in yoga mainly focus on stretching the soft tissue of your body.
Unfortunately most people have not spend their entire life in movement but even if they have, this soft tissue will still have formed itself into knots, (restricted muscle). This restricted muscle cannot be “released” by mere stretching or flexibility work. You have to do something in order to release this restricted muscle and get the knots out of your muscles.
Improve mobility with the self-myofascial release techniques that focus on releasing restricted muscle. Self-myofasical release refers to massage or self-massage techniques.
If you fully utilize your mobility it will not only improve your range of motion but it will also improve your overall strength. Improve mobility mean you are activating dormant muscles, improving motor control through developing muscle awareness, releasing knot or restricted muscle tissue which help you getting into deeper stretch and increase strength.

Better mobility helps reduce your risk of injury, correcting muscle imbalances caused by muscle tightness, reduce pain in your joints by releasing muscle knots attached to joints and release tension in your body caused by stress.

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