EVOLCARE Christmas Luncheon at Farm Foodcraft, The Sphere

Evolcare Holiday Luncheon theme– Self-love and self-care “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”-Oscar Wilde. All that it represents, Evolcare reminds me daily that loving yourself and being healthy is not just physical. It is indeed skin deep. Being in touch with your inner self allows for a true life of love and all that is beautiful that flows from it. Are you loving yourself enough during this holiday?

Evolcare Products – Natural with innovative science
With the mission to empower you through radiant and youthful skin, Evolcare’s products are
formulated by global skincare experts containing 100% natural active ingredients. Truly a
testament to how much importance they place not only on creative innovation but their
responsibility to consumers.
1. “Magic” Cleansing Powder
Containing 5 fruit extracts, the Evolcare ‘Magic’ Cleansing Powder frees your pores from impurities and dead skin cells, leaving you with a desirably different feeling skin to welcome the new year.
2. “Clear Dew” Cleansing Water
When you get worn out by all that christmas shopping and hosting all those family gatherings, the ‘Clear Dew’ Cleansing water works wonders to revitalize and replenish through its white mulberry and goji fruit extract that acts as a purifying agent which cleanses and moisturizes your skin all at the same time.
3. “Vibe” Soothing Chamomile Eye Gel
If you lack some sleep over all that holiday planning, the ‘Vibe’ Soothing Chamomile Eye Gel, high in antioxidant actives, helps give you an illuminating glow and a fresh look by brightening skin around your eyes and soothing them.
4. “Ocean Breeze” Hydrating Serum
As we welcome the new year, we realise time passes quickly and we may be ageing faster than we thought. Containing compounds such as Fullerenes and others with anti-ageing properties, the “Ocean Breeze” Hydrating Serum works to keep your skin continuously hydrated leaving in youthful and supple year after year.
Evolcare Products – Convenience, on-the-go, fresh without harmful preservatives
For someone who loves to travel and sharing all those instagrammable moments especially during this time of the year, i’ve got to ensure that my skin is always taken care of. Evolcare’s compact and lightweight skin care range gives me the freedom to do so whenever and wherever I am!
Evolcare – Why I choose Evolcare
As brand that puts nature first, Evolcare does not only prioritize your skin and well-being but also the environment. For every product purchased, Evolcare contributes RM1 to the Marine Research Foundation – a Malaysian NGO focused on marine research and conservation focused on saving our precious sea turtles among other marine creatures. Who would’ve thought that caring for your skin could be so self-less and a way to help the ecosystem thrive?
The menu served used ingredients that were also found in Evolcare’s products assuring me that they are indeed made with 100% natural active ingredients
Christmas Celebration with Founder of Evolcare, Brian Masterchef, TV Host Dennis Gan, TV Host Zaim Zaini, National Synchronise Swimmer Zylane Lee, National Paraglider Nadia Wafa, National Paraglider Siti Nursara, Social Media Influencer Angel

The Christmas luncheon gave me a chance to take some time off during the busy week to connect with amazing people over good festive foods which where not only delicious but truly nourishing. The menu served used ingredients that were also found in Evolcare’s products assuring me that they are indeed made with 100% natural active ingredients. Evolcare has definitely got me feelin’ good inside and out! Thanks Evolcare!
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