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Celebrate this Chinese New Year with "Now! In Season Australia" fruits, to start a new selection of Cherries in auspicious red for good fortune and happiness together. Apart from the usual Mandarin oranges, it also the season for peaches, plum, apricots and nectarines.

Peaches symbolise longevity which is extremely auspicious to have for Chinese New Year. Why not present your loves ones with The Gift Of Health This CNY?
Although the not-so-nutritious Mandarin oranges, literary translated as gold (kam) in Cantonese, is a must have fruit during Chinese New Year, symbolizing prosperity in the house, I've chosen to buy peaches for my family. I must admits that many of us trying to avoid eating Mandarin oranges most of the times as it always cause throat irritation and cough. While peaches, on the other hand, besides that its high in nutrients especially Vitamin C, it is also a fruit that symbolize longevity in Chinese. Well, I surely hope that my family especially my mom will have good health and live long!
Cherries have powerful anti-oxidant properties, low calorie, contain rich source of phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Both sweet as well as tart cherries are packed with numerous health benefiting compounds that are essential for wellness.
Get Fit and  Healthy with seasonal fresh fruits
“Eat your fruits and vegetables” is one of the tried and true recommendations for a healthy diet. Improve your health by including more fruits and vegetables into your daily life.
Now! In Season is the brand I trusted the most when buying fresh fruits imported from Australia because of its premium quality and freshness. This year, instead of giving junk food to my friends, cherries and peaches get my pick as it is the best gift of all with a meaningful wish - health.
For this Chinese New Year 2017 Why not present your loves ones with The Gift Of Health? To start a new selection of Cherries in auspicious red colors and Peaches symbolise longevity for CNY. Widely available at all Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer, Aeon and Isetan.
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