Hong Kong’s latest global marketing campaign inspires Malaysians to discover the best and authentic experiences in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Tourism Board launched a new marketing campaign in Malaysia, titled ‘Best of All, It’s in Hong Kong’ to highlight the rich diversity and quality of experience the city has to offer to visitors around the world.

Four videos starring local personalities and the city’s stunning skyline and scenery will showcase the very best of Hong Kong, focusing on gourmet dining, fashion and entertainment, family adventures by land, sea and sky, and the Great Outdoors – all introduced by locals who know Hong Kong best.
Mr. Anthony Lau, Executive Director, Hong Kong Tourism Board, shared, “We want Malaysian travelers to see, feel and have a taste of the best Hong Kong can offer through the eyes of locals via this campaign. From the videos, Malaysians can discover the breathtaking intensity, surprising contrasts, rewarding variety and captivating style, within Hong Kong. This new brand campaign will take Hong Kong to new heights as a destination by connecting and inspiring Malaysians, especially young people and families, to travel to Hong Kong and experience the best and most authentic Hong Kong moments.”
Sean Lau shows you the serene side of Hong Kong
With its soaring skyscrapers, vibrant shopping scene and fast-paced lifestyle, Hong Kong is a world-class metropolitan city. However, beyond the cityscape, lies a serene side of the city – a side that is rich in history, culture and natural wonders. Award-winning Hong Kong actor Sean Lau, who stars in the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s ‘Great Outdoors Next to the City’ video, enjoys heading off-the-beaten path to explore the Hong Kong’s great outdoors.
“I love taking walks and hiking, just as what’s depicted in the video. Living in Sai Kung provided me a great opportunity to enjoy Hong Kong’s scenic nature right at my doorstep,” mentioned Sean. “Some of the best views can be found in Sai Kung, which is also known as the ‘Hong Kong’s back garden’. It’s always enjoyable taking a stroll with my dogs nearby the neighbuorhood with such beautiful view,” he added.
While many know Hong Kong as an urban destination, it is also home to large expanses of wilderness. Best of all, these natural spaces are often in very close proximity to the bustling city, which creates striking contrasts but convenient excursion destinations. “Some days, I feel like I’m racing against time. But in Hong Kong, I can easily get away from it all whenever I want to. The beauty and tranquility of nature is just next to the city where I also enjoy the warmth of the people,” said Sean.
Malaysians can now discover Hong Kong like a local by following the footsteps of Sean, who is no stranger in the local screen, where he journeys through the unique East-meets-West culture of the city and escape the crowds by trekking on rugged hiking trails, into rural hamlets and along scenic coastline. For more information, please visit www.discoverhongkong.com/eng/best.
Malaysia remains an important source market with over 456,000 Malaysians visiting Hong Kong between January-November 2016; making up 17% of the total Southeast Asia arrivals. This shows that Hong Kong is still a popular destination for Malaysians.
Hong Kong will continuously refresh for Malaysians to discover the finest aspects of Hong Kong that will make it the best travel destination for 2017 and beyond.

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