Local event company amc experience! announced the launch of Fitness Best Asia Awards 2017, Asia’s first fitness awards ceremony in Singapore. The event takes place on 16 May 2017 at Zouk. It rewards excellence in a spectrum of fitness-related fields and honours individuals and organisations that have made substantial contributions within the industry.

Fitness Best Asia Awards 2017 will recognise the best in the fitness and wellness industry in 4 major categories and 20 awards:
Brands: For nutrition distributors, apparel brands, equipment brands.
Individual: For instructors, trainers, social media influencers.
Fitness: For gyms, studios, hotels, rehabilitation facilities.
Vanguard: For local athletes and other local inspiring individuals and organisations.
The winners for each will be decided either by votes from users, a panel of judges, or both.
Registration opens on 20 January 2017. Registered users can either nominate someone or upload a submission to enter an award. After a verification and approval process, shortlisted nominees will be posted on the webpage. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony.
Managing all technical aspects of the Fitness Best Asia Awards 2017 is Technical Director, Laila White. Laila is the Managing Director of Elite Fit, a Singapore-based company specialising in fitness and wellness. With 18 years of working within the industry, being an experienced personal and aerobics trainer and having designed gyms worldwide for the Four Seasons Hotel are among many of her accomplishments:

“As Technical Director of Fitness Best Asia, I am excited to be part of creating the first platform to recognise the best of the best in the fitness and wellness industry in our region. Our clientele is more knowledgeable and tech-savvy — they demand the best and deserve it. We, at Fitness Best Asia, are here to reward the high achievement of the fitness and wellness industry and to put Asia on the global map as an industry leader.” - Laila White, Managing Director of Elite Fit Representing a cross-section of the fitness and wellness industry, judges are selected over a spread of Asian countries and represent diverse fields within the industry.

Fitness Best Asia’s first of seven appointed judges for the awards is Diane Haslam, CEO of FISAF (Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness) Singapore for more than 25 years. She has worked to certify more than 5000 Singaporeans as personal trainers and instructors. She is a master instructor in the fitness industry and has taught fitness education at all academic levels:

"It is a delight and pleasure for me to be part of the judging process and for FISAF Singapore to endorse the Fitness Best Asia Awards 2017. Our industry has matured and changed drastically over the years. We are more client-centred, more creative, more science-based than ever before. As the industry continues to grow, so does the need for deeper knowledge, fine-tuned information and sound practical application.

It is an incredible honour to be able to acknowledge all our excellent trainers who have a personal drive for excellence which they instil in their clients. They openly share knowledge and research, and they teach with integrity, often think out of the box and are wonderful forward seeking professionals. To be amongst such company is an incredible honour.” - Diane Haslam, CEO of FISAF Singapore
Fitness Best Asia Awards Categories and Awards
Brands Category
1. Fitness Best Boost Award - Most Popular Nutrition Distributor of the Year
2. Fitness Best Suit-Up Award - Most Popular Fitness Apparel Brand of the Y ear
3. Fitness Best Mean-Machine Award - Most Popular Equipment Brand of the Y ear

Fitness Facilities Category
1. Fitness Best Powerhouse Award - Pilates Studio of the Year
2. Fitness Best Lotus Award - Yoga Studio of the Year
3. Fitness Best Gladiator Award - Martial Arts Gym of the Year
4. Fitness Best Risen Award - Sports Rehabilitation Facility of the Year
5. Fitness Best Five-Star Award - Preferred Hotel Fitness Facility
6. Fitness Best Marverick Award - Specialized Gym/ Studio of the Year
7. Fitness Best Ovation Award - Gym of
the Year

Individual Category
1. Fitness Best Trendsetter Award - Social Media Influencer of the Year
2. Fitness Best Elites - Pilates Instructor of the Y ear
3. Fitness Best Elites - Yoga Instructor of the Y ear
4. Fitness Best Elites - Group Exercise Leader of the Year
5. Fitness Best Elites - Personal Trainer of the Year (Female)
6. Fitness Best Elites - Personal Trainer of the Year (Male)

Vanguard Category
1. Fitness Best Impact Award - Inspiring Community Campaign
2. Fitness Best Invictus Award - Athlete of the Year
3. Fitness Best Invictus Award - Para Athlete of the Year
4. Fitness Best Honorary Award - Special Achievement in Fitness

Contact Information: Steeve Cupaiolo
Communications Director [email protected] +65 9643 3914
Additional Information
Laila White - Technical Director [email protected] +65 9387 5994

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