Erato Apollo 7 True-Wireless Earbuds

I found the Erato Apollo 7 audio quality easily surpassing my expectations and other true wireless earbuds I’ve been testing. Erato Apollo 7 is a lightweight, totally wireless set of earphones that delivers mostly hiccup-free operation. They sound good, are sweat-resistant (great for running or outdoor activities), and a charging case with an integrated battery supplies multiple charges on the go (battery life is 3 hours). My favorite part of the Erato earpieces are the control button which presses nicely and sounds great in the ear without producing an annoyingly loud popping sound. Having this functional ability to control my audio and get feedback when I pressed the button is very welcoming. I love it

Some of my daily necessities ready to go! Erato Apollo 7 Earpiece @eratolife sleek and elegance design make it perfect for any occasion. Life become more simpler with technology, you can now start to enjoy the smaller things in life. Work with iPhone and Android device flawlessly. Wet and Sweat Resistant, battery life play-time of 3 hours and talk-time of 4 hours. Apollo 7 comes in 4 colors, space grey, silver, gold androse gold. The Apollo 7 is the world's most advanced true wireless earphones. Sound quality like no others.
Truly enjoying the simple things in life!
Erato Apollo 7 is a true-wireless earbud, giving you a completely tangle-free stereo sound wherever you go without annoying cables to tie you down.
Unlike other wireless buds which has one as the dominant control, Erato Apollo 7’s earbuds both acts as antennas to give you a stronger and more stable connection.
Erato Apollo 7 is one of the world smallest and lightest earbuds. Only weighs 4g for an earbud, you barely feel it in your ears.
Great Sound Quality with BT 4.1, comes with AAC and aptX features that allow you to stream high-resolution music from your iPhone or Android.
I can use it everyday, everywhere and they are waterproof, so you can use it for running or any other sports. It comes with an omnidirectional microphone that allows you to make calls, even conference calls.
You can use it for your daily commute, it comes with a single-touch multifunctional button that allows you to control your music - from the volume to the song selection. You don’t have to worry about it running out of battery as it comes with a charging case, which can complete two full charges. The carrying case fits right in your palm.
Erato Apollo 7 can be purchase online
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