Restoran Ocean King Seafood @ Sandakan

Ocean King Seafood restaurant is probably the most well known for tourist who visit Sandakan to enjoy good fresh seafood. This restaurant can cater a large capacity of people. I have to admit that prices of seafood is a little higher than other seafood restaurant of equal food quality but may not have the same ambience as this restaurant. A fresh seafood selection is available in the water tanks, quality food and beautiful seaview.

Restoran Ocean King Seafood @ Sandakan
Batu 2 ½, Jalan Batu Sapi, 
P.O. Box 2638, 
90729 Sandakan, Sabah.
Tel: (089) 618111
Steamed Fish
Best quality, fresh fish is best to be steamed. Seasoned with only superior sauce, garnished with spring onion and fried onion, the delicate, sweet flavour of the perfectly cooked fish was remained intact. It was simply delicious.
Mantis Prawns
The smokey, salty, wonderful blend of peppery flavour was infused to the mantis prawn. The shell itself was crispy. Its flesh was sweet and juicy , easily slipped out of its shell.
Steamed Crabs
Cracking open freshly steamed crabs and savour the natural sweetness of its flaky meat always made it an enjoyable dish. Minimum seasoning was needed to avoid overpowering the natural flavour of the crabs. 
Sabah Veg. with Belacan
Sabah Vegetables is always a must-try dish when you are visiting Sabah. The crunchy stalks tasted sweet and juicy while Belacan brings a nice exotic, savoury flavour to the dish.
Sea Snail
Sea Snail are usually boiled and eaten with/without dipping sauce. Its succulent and sweet flesh tasted really good on its own. It is an exotic yet unique dish you can find in Sabah.
Fresh Prawn Fried Noodle
Humongous prawns coupled with noodles soaked in thicken egg's gravy is worth every penny you paid. The distinctive flavour of the succulent prawns was infused to the gravy, enhancing the overall taste. It was a flavoursome yet fragrantly good dish.

Seafood Tofu
The Seafood Tofu is made from seafood and beancurd, deep-fried till golden brown. Its has a nice crispy texture on the outer layer and creamy, savoury-sweet taste inside.
Sandakan Harbour Square,
90000 Sandakan, Sabah Malaysia
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