Restaurant Seafood Sim Sim 88 @ Sim Sim Water Village, Sandakan

If you like seafood I will strongly recommend you not to miss out dining at Bridge 8, Sim Sim Water Village, it was the highlight of my overall foodie experienced. There are 3 to 4 restaurants located along Sim Sim Water Village (stretch from bridge no.8, 7, 6 and 5). This restaurant is build on the sea with bridges attached to land and all floating residential. There are two restaurants with similar name on Bridge no.8, Restaurant Seafood Sim Sim 88 and Restaurant Seafood Sim Sim it is located side to side. In Sabah you can really see a true sense of unity, where the Chinese, Malay, Indian, Kadazan and others will sit down and dine in a Chinese restaurant as long as it serve no pork.

Restoran Seafood Sim Sim 88
Bridge 8, Sim Sim Water Village,
Jalan Buli Sim-sim, Sandakan,
Sabah, East Malaysia
Fresh Lobster
Baby Squids cooked in dark soy sauce
This dish taste as sinful as it looks, the baby squid coated with gooey black sauce just burst with texture and flavors.
Fried Salted Fish
Salted fish (fish preserved with salt) is a delicacy dish with an acquire taste, unique fragrant, salty flavor and meaty texture. 
Butter Prawn (Lai Yao Har)
The fresh prawns blended well with the creamy butter sauce. Prawn was plump, juicy and coated with deliciously rich creamy butter sauce.
Steamed Oyster
This simple way of preparation retain the freshness and texture of oyster. Plump, juicy and slight chewy texture.
Steamed "Sar Bak" clams
I like the taste and texture of this steamed Sar Bak clams, it has a sourish taste from lime juice, sweet and light fragrant from chopped garlic that is not too overpowering.
Fried Sabah Vegetable with egg
Sabah vegetable shoot fried with beaten egg, this part of the vegetable is sweet, flavorful and more crunchy.
Kam Heong Crabs
Deep Fried Crabs coated with spicy and tangy Kam Heong sauce. Kam Heong is a popular cooking style for crab dish in Malaysia. Kam Heong means golden fragrance, a profusion of smells from the key ingredients: curry leaves, curry powder, dried shrimps, shallots, garlic, and chilies.
Steamed Red Snapper Teochew Style
I simply love the sweet and sour taste of this dish, it is so appetizing. Simple steamed whole fish with salted vegetable and sour plum, topped with some chopped tomato, chilies, tofu, spring onion and garnished with corriander.
Honey Lamb Chop
Lamb meat was perfectly glazed with those delicious honey based and dark soy sauce, it has a sweet flavor and tender texture.

Accommodation: Four Points by Sheraton, Sandakan
Sandakan Harbour Square,
90000 Sandakan, Sabah Malaysia
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