Kim Fung Market, Sandakan

Several famous hawkers place in Sandakan. One of it is at Mile 4 Bandar Kim Fung Market, you can expect some considered good Chinese and Malay food with a very reasonable price. Here you can try what the locals eat during their after tea-break. If you have a little extra time in Sandakan, do try the hawker food at Central Market (2nd and 3rd floor, Mile Eight Market and Saturday Night Market Mile 4 Bandar Kim Fung to experience the locals life!

Kiong Kee Chicken Wing Stall (Tel: 0168265695)
Chicken Wing, RM2.00 per piece
Grilled Chicken Wing is a local specialty you can find in any parts of Sabah. The well-marinated Chicken Wing, grilled to perfection, tasted really juicy, sweetish and fragrantly good.
Wor teik (Dumpling) Stall
Freshly made dumpling, ready to pan-fried
Pan-fried dumpling (Wor Teik)
Another famous local delight is the Wor Teik, literally translated as Pan-Fried Dumpling. The thin and crispy skin with juicy minced meat's filling tasted really delicious. Just dip it with some vinaigrette dipping sauce, it will further enhance the flavour.  
Yam Puff
A dish that never fail to amaze me is the Yam Puff. It was crispy on the outside, creamy and yammy inside with tasty and juicy BBQ Pork fillings.
Kuih Apam Balik
Kuih Apam Balik is one of my favourite childhood food. The version here, in Sandakan, is a little bit different from what I used to get from KL. It was thinner but spongy and generously filled with sweet and tasty grounded peanuts. 
Roasted Pork Belly
Roasted Pork Belly with crispy skin, tender and flavoursome meat is another irresistible dish. Simply tasted good.
Steamed Sang Nyuk Pau and Baked Char Siu Pau
Well, I must say Sandakan is a food heaven. Both the Steamed Sang Nyuk Pau and Baked Char Siu Pau were soft, fluffy and filled with delicious pork fillings.
Tau Foo Far with evaporated milk
In Sandakan, the locals eat Tau Foo Far with evaporated milk. I must admit that it tasted uniquely good with smooth and creamier taste.

Assorted Local Kuih
Sandakan Harbour Square,
90000 Sandakan, Sabah Malaysia
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