Lunch at Kampung Nelayan Restaurant, Bukit Padang

One of the most iconic restaurants in KK is stamping its mark with the introduction of new lunch menu promotion. So now you can have all three meals in one place and eat to your heart's desire.

Kampung Neayan Restaurant
Taman Tun Fuad, Bukit Padang
Tel: 088-231003/5

With the varieties of delicious dishes available for lunch, one will be spoilt for choices, and losing weight should be the least of worries in these situation.
Just look at the dishes available, from succulent prawn, to crunchy chicken wings to soft home made tofu. Lets not forget the fresh vegetables too.
Tomato Mustard Fish Head Soup (4 person serving), RM25.00

This savoury and sour broth blends well with the sweet, chunky flesh of the fish. The broth is fragrant and when served hot the soury sensation will ignite even the weakest of appetite.
Black Bean Fish Head, RM25.00

The fish itself was also chunky, and marinade with some kind of sweet sauce to give it a savoury and sweet taste, which incidentally also share the same taste as the fish. The mushroom gives an alternate texture.
Fried Noodles, RM7.00 per plate
Fried Tuaran Mee, RM7.00
Fried Mee, RM7.00
Fried Mee (Cantonese Style), RM7.00
Cantonese Style, RM7.00
All the dry fried noodles was cooked in high heat resulting in good wok hei, a very important element to give the noodles a nice almost earthy aroma. The cantonese styled noodles had a thick savoury sauce that can be very filling and satisfying
Prawn Paste Fried Chicken Wings (4 pieces), RM10.00

This chicken wings were very crunchy and flavorful as a result from the infusion of spices and marinade
Peppercorn Soft Shell Crab, RM25.00

Being a restaurant synonymous with seafood, then it shouldn't come as a surprise that such exotic seafood dish should wind up on the lunch table. Meaty almost crisp like crab is such a wonder to have in your tastebuds.
Preserved Radish (Cai Bu) Omelette, RM8.00
Even a humble egg dish is spruced up with the artistic flair of the chef by incorporating crunchy preserved radish to give the egg intermittent savory bits.
Shredded Egg Butter Prawns, RM25.00
The fresh and sweet succulent prawn is needs little explanation. Suffice to say the shreds of deep fried butter adds a tinge of sweet to complement the sweet flesh of the fresh prawns. Don't worry about leaving a mess with after each prawn as you can eat the exoskeleton whole. That way you get more calcium for your bones and teeth.
Four Angle Bean with raddish, RM8.00
The fresh green vege is crunchy and a little bit spicy, while the eggplant gives a good alternate soft texture.
Homemade Beancurd, RM8.00
The homemade beancurd is deepfried to give it a crunchy skin with the soft egg-like innards. The savory and slightly sweet sauce gives a good flavour to the beancurd.
Beancurd Soup, RM12.00
This nutritious soup packs a whole lot of goodness and good for those who have a weak digestion. Smooth and savory, this soup is a complete meal on its own.
Fried Carrot Cake, RM5.50

Just like the dry fired noodles, the carrot cake is cooked with strong wok hei, although a carrot cake is usually bland, the chef manage to spruce things up a notch with aromatic herbs, crunchy bean sprouts and various chinese sauces.
Rojak Buah, RM5.00

Nice fresh and crunchy fruits sprinkled with bits of ground up peanuts and special sweet sauce. A very typical west malaysian dessert that has made its way to our shores.
Big Bowl Thai Dessert (upon request)

Some old timers or people who remembers this restaurant from when it was known as Jaws at the now gaya hotel, would appreciate this dish. We are happy to announce that this one very loved dessert is making a comeback after a long hiatus. For the younger generation, this is a dessert filled with shredded jack fruit and colour infused crunchy and juicy water chestnut, and also various other sweet infused fruits strewn over shaved ice. A cooling dish on a hot sunny day to top off your wonderful lunch. Now if only you could muster up the courage to drive back to the dreaded office.
Thai Style Dessert, RM4.00 (per serving)
During breakfast hours, their value breakfast is available from RM4.00 onwards while for Lunch, the price started from RM7.00 onwards. For your information, daily breakfast and lunch is available from 7am to 2pm. Previous Breakfast post (login to the link to read more...) 
Value Breakfast and Lunch at Kampung Nelayan Restaurant
Available from Monday to Sunday
Call for reservation....088-231003/5

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