The widely anticipated super-clubbing phenomenon H-Artistry – The Global Art of Mixing struck the heart of Kuala Lumpur for the first time on last Saturday, 8 Sept 2012 , bringing forth a spectacular mix of music, delectable tastes of Hennessy V.S.O.P. long drinks, and a trademark H-Artistry party atmosphere. H-Artistry at KWC KL resoundingly set the benchmark for the finale of 2012’s Global Art of Mixing Trilogy by pulling off yet another unmatched party experience for KL party-goers.

In continuation of the first Global Art of Mixing party that shook Penang in June 2012, H-Artistry at KWC Kuala Lumpur featured a truly distinctive blend of international and local performances, as Eva Simons, Angger Dimas, B.A.T.E., and Mr. Nasty&GuruGuru each contributed to the pure musical artistry that enraptured the night.
Adding on to the musical experience were the chic vibes of a trademark H-Artistry party enclave, resulted by a total transformation of Level 15 @ KWC KL into a premium party locale. Within the party arena, state-of-the-art LED lighting technology gave the stage a startling illusion of 3D depth, while a glittering view of the KL City Centre accompanied the partying revellers throughout the night.
As the signature Hennessy V.S.O.P. long drinks: Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Ginger and Hennessy Soda, were the trailblazers of the night, party goers were treated to an overall sensory experience unlike any other, one that only H-Artistry could deliver.
The Hennessy Art of Mixing Zone
With the entire venue draped in classy hues of black and red, the all-new Hennessy Art of Mixing Zone stood out as a true highlight. With party goers arriving as early as 8pm buzzing with excitement, the Hennessy Art of Mixing Zone greeted them with various interactive activities – from themed games at the Hennessy React Tables, to learning how to mix their favourite Hennessy V.S.O.P. long drinks at the Hennessy Mixing Bars.

Model Germaine Ong and her glass of Hennessy Berry
The star of the Hennessy Art of Mixing Zone was none other than the hugely popular Hennessy 360 Cam – the first of its kind in Malaysia. The specially constructed platform utilized 23 DSLR cameras to capture and weave together seamless 360 degree video panoramas of party goers striking their best pose. Naturally, the Hennessy 360 Cam saw a perpetual queue of revellers in their glittering party ensembles, eager to have their videos taken and uploaded onto www.h-artistry.com.my.
Another H-Artistry party innovation was the My Hennessy mobile app, which can be downloaded onto all iOS and Android smartphones. The My Hennessy mobile app allows partygoers to receive the latest updates from Hennessy Malaysia as well as collect points, redeemable for exclusive invites and gifts. The app also enabled party-goers at the Hennessy Art of Mixing Zone to scan the video of their own Hennessy 360 Cam shot, upload it onto the Hennessy Malaysia Facebook page and automatically tag themselves; all through a simple QR code.
Party-goers could scan QR codes for points with the MY Hennessy App which are redeemable for exclusive perks

Of the hundreds of party goers who were using the My Hennessy mobile app at the H-Artistry party, a very lucky Alex Kim was selected to go backstage and meet Angger Dimas. All Kim had to do was participate in the Hennessy Art of Mixing Zone and scan a QR code after snapping a shot at the Hennessy 360 Cam.

H-Artistry: The Global Art of Mixing Party
As party goers started pouring into the main party arena, energy levels began to surge in sync to the infectious beats channelled by electro and big room masterminds B.A.T.E. (Brains and the Eye). The atmosphere intensified in response to B.A.T.E.’s stellar administration of fist-pumping tracks, as revellers helped themselves to the signature Hennessy V.S.O.P. long drinks from the bars.

By 10.30pm, lights inside the arena dimmed and the roar from the crowd was deafening. Enter the gorgeous emcees of the night, Julie Woon and Nadia Heng, who bolstered an enthusiastic crowd for the upcoming performances. Next up on the decks were local and internationally renowned hardstyle champions Mr. Nasty & GuruGuru (also known as the Bass Agents).
Spinning under their individual stage names with their trademark headgear, the crowd came to a point of near rapture when Joshua Desmond and Jeffery Wong, guitarists of local rock outfit Rosevelt stormed the stage, dropping the familiar guitar riff of Nirvana’s rock anthem Come As You Are. As if in response to the crowd’s deafening cheers for more, the electric guitars continued to scream through a medley of familiar rock tracks Seven Nation Army and Rock It, laced with edgy electro backbeats, intricately woven together by the bobbing duo Mr. Nasty & GuruGuru.
Ethan Curzon and Yeoh Wai Hong of Brains and the Eye behind the decks
Before bowing out, the local DJ duo dropped another surprise track, Gotye and Kimbra’s Somebody That I Used To Know, viciously pumped up by beatboxer extraordinaire – Koujee. The entire set was truly a distinct mix that encapsulated the essence of “The Global Art of Mixing”; a performance that is surely to join the ranks of previous, trademark H-Artistry musical collaborations.

Naturally, the crowd showed no restrain from cheering and revelling in the atmosphere, with glasses of Hennessy V.S.O.P. held up high. At this point, the anticipation from the crowd could be felt within the arena. Dazzling emcees Julie Woon and Nadia Heng graciously took the stage once again to introduce the headliner of the night – Dutch vocal powerhouse Eva Simons; and the crowd erupted into a frenzy. With a striking stage presence and tremendous vocal prowess, Eva Simons effortlessly worked the crowd into a crescendo with her internationally renowned dance anthem, Take Over Control. Eva Simons also performed her latest collaboration with will.i.am, This Is Love, a hit that has garnered more than 32million views on YouTube to date.
Wave after wave of intense vocal lashings, extremely danceable tracks, and the enigmatic sight of Eva Simons on stage with her towering stage presence created yet another eclectic mix of sight and sound; a scene that truly captured the meaning of The Global Art of Mixing, which H-Artistry is famous for.
Jeffery Wong and Joshua Desmond (background) of Rosevelt joining in Mr.Nasty&GuruGuru’s performance

As the atmosphere of the night reached its peak, it was the perfect time for some hard-hitting EDM (electronic dance music) and Angger Dimas zealously took the stage with a welcoming roar from the crowd. The cult-status DJ from Jakarta spared no reprieve with his set, diving straight into a series of vibrant and massively addictive tracks. Having performed at various festivals and premium party events around the world, Angger Dimas was no stranger behind the decks as he continued to drop remixes of EDM heavyweights Steve Aoki and Laidback Luke much to the delight of the jumping crowd.
The party arena was a sight to behold as Angger Dimas took everyone on an EDM roller coaster ride, with the crowd roaring and dancing in unison to a flawless set of electro house, all the way till the end of the spectacular night. As H-Artistry at KWC drew to its inevitable conclusion, party-goers took refuge in the Hennessy Art of Mixing Zone on their way out, which had been converted into a chill-out lounge area to relax. Courtesy of H-Artistry, operating hours of the stalls in KWC’s food court were also extended, so hungry party-goers could have supper before leaving the venue. Mineral water bottles were freely available to everyone at both the Chill Out Zone as well as the food court. H-Artistry: The Epic Finale of the Global Art of Mixing Trilogy

With the benchmark firmly set by H-Artistry at KWC KL, party goers can now look forward to the epic culmination of the H-Artistry Global Art of Mixing Trilogy, slated for 3 November 2012. The H-Artistry finale will definitely outdo itself to be nothing short of the most phenomenal super-clubbing experience of the year.

Beautiful emcees of the night Julie Woon and Nadia Heng
Jojo Struys and Nadine Ann Thomas
Musician Daniel Veerapen
Ethan Curzon and Yeoh Wai Hong of B.A.T.E.
Passes to H-Artistry – The Global Art of Mixing events are by-invitation only. To relive the H-Artistry experience this November, be sure to watch this space: www.h-artistry.com.my for more information.

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