Emperor's Delight @ Jalan Pantai

Emperor's Delight is a Chinese's restaurant famous for its La Mian and Xiao Long Bao (Shanghai Soup Dumpling). This cozy and family-friendly restaurant is located in Gaya Street, opposite the Esso Station. Recently they have improvised their menu to suit the younger crowd and make available of value set lunch.

Emperor's Delight
6, Jalan Pantai,
Kota Kinabalu,
Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: +(6)088-288 686
Pandan Lemon Drink RM4.90
The Pandan Lemon Drink is a new drink in the Menu. It is fragrantly good with pandan's flavour, slightly sourish and sweet in taste.
Xiao Long Bao RM8.80
Xiao Long Bao is a type of steamed bun or baozi from Shanghai. It is traditionally steamed in small bamboo baskets, hence the name (Xiao Long is literally small steaming basket).
At Emperor's Delight, you can expect generous size of Xiao Long Bao packed with great flavour. Gently bite on the Xiao Long Bao and it will burst to reveal the rush of stock and intense meaty flavour, it was an excellent and very exciting gastronomic adventure.

Shanghai La Mian with Pork Rib RM11.90
Lamian is a type of Chinese noodle made by stretching and folding the dough into strands. The soup version of La Mian at Emperor's Delight is a delightful dish. The noodle was amazingly smooth and springy while the clear soup tasted refreshing and delicious. Deep-fried pork ribs which is served as a side dish tasted crispy with nice savoury taste.
Butter Chicken with Vegetables Rice RM11.90 (available in Set Lunch)
The dreamy, creamy, buttery chicken served with fried rice accompanied by vegetables is a delicious rice dish  you can opt for, if noodles wasn't your cup of tea. The fried rice was fragrantly good and full of flavour while the butter chicken was creamy and slightly sweet in taste.
Egg Custard Bun RM7.50
The Egg Custard Bun consisted of soft skin buns with the perfect orange-red ooze factor that literally burst rainbows of happiness in your mouth. The filling was incredibly rich and creamy with a nice aroma. It is made from butter and duck egg's yolk.

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