KK Burger Bakar @ Plaza Tanjung Aru

Have you seen Man Vs Food where Adam Richman takes on huge burgers  stacked so high, it could feed a village? Well burger lovers take heed, for right here at our own back yard in this fine city of Kota Kinabalu, you can enjoy that same huge burger. KK burger bakar is located at Plaza Tanjug Aru, located just adjacent to the police station. And it would be a crime to miss this burger. I mean like seriously, if you haven't heard about this place, well its not too late yet, so quickly make your way here.

KK Burger Bakar
Foodcourt, Plaza Tanjung Aru
88300 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 016-881 5900
What's special about this burger, well for starters, its barbequed over charcoal, so (to borrow Kenny Roger's Roaster's old tag line) its the wood that makes it good. The smokey flavor beats pan grill hands down. What's more, each patty is so thick and compact, so every bite gives a full bodied, and very beefy sensation, that and coupled with secret herbs and spices also gives an aromatic sensation. Apart from that, there are various condiments and sauces to spruce up an already lively burger. There is so many things going on in each bite that eventually you just give in and simply just enjoy the burger.
And enjoy you definitely will. Do yourself a solid and attempt at least 2 stacks of thick patty. Now this is a warung/ food court setting, so manners need not apply only for tonight. Don't worry the dimly lit ambiance won't highlight how you look while gorging on this huge burger, and neither should it stop you. The good people at KK burger bakar do provide fork and knife, but its merely a suggestion. Our fork and knife were left clean, but our faces and hands were another matter.
For the ladies or the weak bellied can opt for the  "Angry Bird" costs only RM7. While and upgrade to add egg will result in the "Taj Mahal" RM8, then if you're brave enough to try the next level, then move on to  more politically correct "Double Six" burger, priced at RM13. The ultimate burger would be "Lava Gunung Kinabalu" RM18, which cast an ominous shadow over all burgers in KK with its 3 stacks of juicy beef patty.
Taj Mahal, RM8.00

Double Six, RM13.00

Lava Gunung Kinabalu, RM18.00

Now as if the thick flame grilled patty is not enough, you can add on gao gao, which means, ask the kind people at KK burger bakar to add egg and bacon. How does it fair, well, it is certainly worth your while while it adds another firm and chewy texture, and even more sauce added on. The result is an even juicier and it piles another inch to an already towering beefy goodness.
Special Sauce

Chili Sauce

Excellent food handling...good cleanliness and customer service

Service with a smile...thumbs up!


We would like to give a shout out to the kind people at KK Burger Bakar for inviting us to try out such a wonderful meal. We certainly will be back for more, as it really is a must try.

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Anonymous said…
hi, is it halal? since u`ve mentioned about the bacon there
Angeline said…
Halal, this stall own by a Muslim. The bacon is beef bacon.

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