Station360 Cafe (Serve No Pork) @ Damai

Fancy some western food with an asian twist? Even the prices are competitive and a cozy environment where the whole family can dine and enjoy a good time. Then come on over the Station 360. This is located at damai, the row opposite yoyo.

Station360 Damai (KK Food Fest 2012 Participant)
Damai, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
Tel: 088-231 360
Facebook: Station360Damai

About Franchise of ARISAN Taiwanese Fried Chicken and Desserts
Lot.No 37, Ground Floor,
Block D Riverside Plaza Phase II,
Jalan Bangka Bangka, Kuala Inanam,
88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Please contact Alvin (Managing Director)
Tel: 088-381268/ 019-5444999
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: ArisanEM

We were very fortunate to be invited by the proprietor of this fine restaurant, Mr. Alvin to sample feast on some of their famous dishes, which we strongly recommend to all our readers.

Chef Woon 
Origin from Ipoh with more than 10 years of cooking experienced. 1st Runner up Winner for the 2012 The God of Cookery Competition @ Karamunsing Food Carnival
Chef Woon creation: Germany Chicken Chop Rice, RM9.90
Hot Seller...Must Try!!!

This fine crispy chicken chop is drizzled in special secret fragrant sauce, every tasty. A creative touch was added with the crispy deep fried vegetables surrounding the rice.
Chef Woon creation: Badob Fish Fillet Rice, RM9.90
Hot Seller....Must Try!!!

This next dish is also amazing, this is deep fried fish fillet, drenched in spicy szechuan sauce. Very fragrant, with slightly sour-savoury taste. 

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This is the star of the evening, the reason we came to this restaurant. Choppo set, which is the Large Arisan chicken chop together with rice and bean curd. The special skin is salty, crunchy, slightly spicy and fragrant. The meat was soft, thin but full of body. This set costs only RM9.90. This is a famous Taiwanese recipe which is now available in KK. 

This Super sized sausage (RM4) also has a salty crispy skin just like the chicken chop. The innards of the sausage comes in either cheese, honey or blackpepper. The crunchy exterior matches well with the soft-firm sausage.
Nugetto (RM3.50) is the bite size version of the chicken chop, but slightly bigger than the average nuggets from those well known fast food chain. It also has the same crunchy salty exterior like the chicken chop.
Arisan Chicken

This is a lovely dish, thin big slice of chicken, but full of body due to its compactness. Its crunchy and very chewy as well, suitable as a sit down dish, as well as a walkabout finger food snack once its cut into bite sizes. The cafe supplies this dish in Kiosks, found in Lido, as well as Sandakan, Tawau, Lahad Datu as well. This particular chicken chop cost RM6.00
Next, we had Szechuan noodle with Chicken (RM7.90) The noodle was soft while the soup was soury and spicy, and will really help in igniting your appetite. The chicken nuggets here is a little bit different from the one before. The texture is a little bit soft, and not as salty as the arisan skin, but just as nice and crunchy as well.
This here is a special dish, chesse baked rice with chicken chop. Grilled chicken chop, buried in Cooked rice mixed with alfredo cream sauce, then topped with a gracious amount of mozzarella. The reason its cooked in asian style bamboo steamer is that because this dish emulates Hong Kong style, instead of western once. This dish costs RM11.90 
As for desserts, we had this lovely creation : Snowy Custard Hedgehog, which are tiny sweet things. The skin is similar to the snow skin moon cake. A good after meal dessert. This dish cost RM5.90
Next up, we have this very special stuffed pancake. The Pancake is paper thin but very firm to hold the creamy innards. The innards come in either durian or mango. These are seasonal fruit, so ask your kind waiter if they are available. Mango pancake will cost you RM5.90 while the durian costs RM9.90
The fruits are mixed with whipped cream, and the fruits are always fresh, fragrant and full of flavour. So each bite is soft and fluffy. 
This last dessert is Longan Almond beancurd. Full of flavor almond and soft sweet beancurd with longa, drenched in sweet syrup. The almond taste is faint so as not to overwhelm the whole dessert. But people who are adverse to almond taste may not like this. In any case, be adventurous and give it a try, at only RM4.90.
They also serve various flavoured tea, at only RM4.00 a cup
Perfect Ice
Plum Flavor Perfect Ice and Water Melon Flavor Perfect Ice (Small), RM2.80 each
Strawberry Flavor Perfect Ice and Lime Flavor Perfect Ice (Small), RM2.80 each

Very delicious shaven ice, drenched in sweet syrup, if you like, you can scoop the top and eat it like an ice cream. Or you can let it melt for awhile and suck the bottom for a concentrated coolness and sweetnes. Be careful of the brain freeze though. 
Perfect Ice....Must try!!! 
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Outlet List
Station 360, Damai, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Lido Kiosk, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Sandakan, Sabah
Tambuna, Sabah

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