Mummy's Moist Chocolate Cake (Homemade) @ Kota Kinabalu

Home economy are a force that cannot be underestimated. From fashion designers, to successful electronic giants, many of these business have a humble beginnings as a home backyard project. One such product that we hope to nurst into KK food scene is this awesomely delicious homemade Moist Chocolate Cake.

Mummy's Moist Chocolate Cake (Homemade)
Call: 019-8955560 or 016-8327905 (Puan Faridah)

Puan Faridah
We were invited by a gracious entrepreneur to try out a delicious cake, that seems to elude the mainstream limelight. The seemingly exclusivity of this cake to only a few inner circle has prompt us to immediately accept this invitation. We were greeted by lovely and very friendly Puan Faridah. Her humble demeanor hides a talented stay at home baker and cook. Her famed Moist Chocolate cake before Feb 2012 only lined the tastebuds of eager children and home dinner guests. It is by the persuasion of these very eager children whom have now grown up, that Puan Faridah has now emerged out of her shy shell to translate her skills into a product to be reckoned with.
Mummy's Moist Chocolate Cake
The reputation of this cake has preceded itself, and in a good way that is. This cake has made its presence ever dominant in Airports both Terminal 2 and Main terminal, Sandakan, Tawau and Lahad Datu. It is also available in hospital cafe's as well as many other cafe's. Running out of ideas for Wedding Reception doorgifts? Then Call the number above. Many newlyweds can testify as satisfied customer, for their guest have been a happy receiving end of such a unique doorgift. 

Mummy's Moist Chocolate Cake (Small)
Price start from RM2, come with 3 sizes (Small, Regular and Large)
Mummy's Moist Chocolate Cake (Regular)
So what makes this cake special. For one, the cake is steamed, not baked. That's not to say the cross-section has a honeycomb texture. It still retains a normal texture as a baked cake, yet the compactness gives it not only body, but a rich and filling sensation. And I've not yet mentioned about the oozing goodies of the topping. The melted chocolate topping can bring a chocolate lover down on their knees and cry. It actually oozes from the spoon as you pick it up. Hence the cake must always lie flat, tilt it too much and the chocolate topping will actually shift out of position. And we're talking about room temperature here, folks!
Mummy's Moist Chocolate Cake (Large)

The love Penang Born Kak Farida and her marvelous creation before her. List of clientele include well known artiste, and who's who in the local political scene. As well as Air stewards, who buy the cakes in large quantities from airport - during brief layovers. Such is the popularity that we don't want you to miss out. If, after raiding cafe's and bakeries still fail to get you these cakes, then scroll down and head on over to J's Kitchen, where you can get your hand one these chocolaty goodness.
Call: 019-8955560 or 016-8327905 (Puan Faridah)

Shot with Nikon D7000
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