Ayam penyet seem to be the latest food craze to hit KK. And we were very lucky to be invited to review a new restaurant that serves great Indonesian food, particularly, ayam penyet of course. This restaurant is located at the same row as Pizza Hut (call for reservation: +6088-232012). Read on to find out more.

HUNGRY PEOPLE a lifestyle eatery
Lot 8-0, Jalan Lintas Plaza 2,
Lintas Plaza, 88300 Kota Kinabalu.
Tel no: +6088-232012
Invited by Hungry People Cafe team: Jack, Monica, Melisa and Angeline with Vincent Wang (, Tom Rungitom ( and Hayden Chan (

As with any western food restaurant, Hungry people also have their own version of Cream of Mushroom soup (RM10.90). I must say that the soup was very tasty and extremely rich. The ground mushroom adds some texture to an otherwise smooth soup.
The next dish is a meatless dish, yet still just as nice and aromatic. This is the salad of the far east - Gado-gado. Kkians familiar with this dish will know the famous stall in sembulan who's been selling this dish for ages, famed for its aromatic peanut sauce. And dare we say, that Hungry people was able to emulate such taste and texture. The vegetables were cooked but still firm and crunchy. This dish costs RM11.90

Just as we were beginning to think that maybe Hungry people is a purely western food restaurant, then came the star of the evening - Ayam Penyet Special (RM16.90). The chicken was truly wonderful, the aroma from the spice fills the room to a mouthwatering level. The meat was well cooked, retaining all the proper moisture and juiciness. It  also has a spiciness level that is friendly to a broad range of people. The chicken dish comes with boiled rice, beancurd, tempe (fermented soy) and boiled vegetables.
Next up, we had another version of grilled chicken, called Ayam Bojari. The spices here is a little bit more complex, and with that, brings along a full-bodied aroma and taste, yet still it's level of spiciness is suitable for most people who are even heat adverse. The other very outstanding element in this dish is the nasi kuning, which is very rich and tasty. Much like the tastiness and buttery texture found in Chicken rice. The bits of fried dried shrimps not only adds more fragrant and saltiness to the rice, but also a intermittent crunchy texture. All these can be had for RM21.90.

The next dish that came also had a western flair - Pan Fried Salmon (RM29.90). It had nice sauce and the seasoning was aromatic. Salmon lovers, will have no qualms about the heavy fishy smells that comes with the dish, but a fair warning to people who consider fish meat to be an acquired taste.
Being an Indonesian food specialty restaurant, we were quite surprised to see variation in their menu. You can imagine our delightful surprise when the first dish that greet us was the Pepper Lamb Shank. Tasty and fragrant from the spices and fresh herbs. Although the meat was a bit dry, however, it was still tender and the just a right amount of gamey taste for those who love lamb. Lamb Shank will cost you RM45.90

Next up, we were equally surprised when our host served up yet another western dish. This time it was the regality of a Char Grill Rib Eye Steak (RM34.90). Tender and slightly firm beef with seasoning to give it an aroma. The sauce was tasteful but slightly overwhelms the beef. The vegetables although just a side show, was still nicely executed - cooked but still crunchy and firm.


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Mas Light said…
I totally agree, ayam penyet seems to be the latest crave, I think my fb feed and instagram is filled with ayam penyet posts.

But those fewd does look delicious, will try em one of these days. Thanks for the post :)

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