Wojamama Restaurant @ Lintas Square

One of the older Japanese restaurant has done a makeover to give itself a modern image. They have also extended a wide choice on their menu, in tandem with this image makeover. One thing that still remains is the great taste and warm hospitality, that has made Wojamama, a first choice for family get together.

Wojamama Restaurant
Lintas Square Kota Kinabalu.
Lot 6 & 7, Grd Flr,
Blk A, Lintas Square,
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

We have always been a big fan of japanese cuisine, the proprietor of Wojamama, being a good friend and knowing our cravings, decided to invite the team to visit one of their branch at Lintas Plaza. We were amazed at how the interior have changed drastically to reveal a modern ambiance
Kaiten-belt Sushi

No sushi bar is complete without this sushi belt. The sight of sheer amount of choices can make a any patron weak on their knees
This Genmai cha is very fragrant and is full of antioxidants minus the caffein. In fact it helps to regulate liver and good for the cardiovascular system. The brown seeds you see are actually roasted brown rice. The fragrance stays even after 2 hot water refill. This tea costs RM6
This is the cheesy mochi imported directly from Japan and also in limited quantity.  The pastry skin has a slightly sweet taste while the cheese inside is soft and gooey, but in a good way. To enjoy this, you have to be quick to avoid disappointment of running out of stock.
This here is called fukiyose binatsu, which is actually fried brinjals (aka eggplant, aubergines, melongene) laced with minced chicken and bathed in special sauce. The brijal is split into to portions with the bottom one carved out to form a boat like shape, while the remaining was sliced wedged like, fried then topped onto the "boat". The melon was cooked till tender and soft, together with the sauce, it gives a slightly fragrant sweet taste, yet not too overwhelming till you can't taste the eggplant. This dish costs RM15
This sushi platter was the star of the of the evening, the salmon was fresh and creamy. The 4 sushi in the middle (wrapped around seaweed), has diced salmon, made into a salad with Japanese mayonnaise, which results in an explosion of tastes and textures. Really wonderful and a must try and at only RM56
This dish here is Sakana and Tori Teriyaki Bento (RM24) The chicken was sweet and tender yet still juicy. The chawanmushi was sweeet, savoury and soft. The toppings for the steamed cup is different from the rest in a sense that, it plashed shark fin. Of course, being environmentally friendly, Wojamama uses fake ones. The other chicken in the bento has crunchy juicy texture and very tasty.

A new addition to the menu is this special Niku Nabe sukiyaki (RM59) is basically a mini hotpot so you can bathe the thinly sliced beef for a very short while, known as shabu-shabu. The soup was very sweet and and savoury. The tofu was very soft, and you just can't get enough of. The vege and mushrooms were also fresh and firm.
The main star of the hot pot is actually the thinly sliced beef, so think that you only have to soak the beef on the surface of the broth and drag it to and fro a few times and the beef will be cooked. (a gesture called sha-sha while you drag the beef) the beef was sweet and tender and milky as you bite into it.
For desserts, we had matcha parfait (RM12) which is green tea ice cream topped on corn flakes. Very special texture this ice cream and a good dessert after a filling meal.

Shot with Nikon D7000
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