Kudos Bistro Modern European Dining @ City Mall


When we think of fine food, the initial place that comes to mind are hotel restaurant or resort restaurants, and tilting on the more pricey side. At Kudos, you have the pleasure of enjoying fine food at reasonable prices, while not necessarily making it a black-tie evening. Here you can have a more relaxed, dress down evening, while enjoying food prepared with passion, without sparring the slightest of details.

Kudos Bistro Modern European Dining
Lot S-0-12, Ground Floor, 
Block C City Mall, Jalan Lintas
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia 88300
Tel: 088-484 679
Price Range RM10-RM30 and above
Business hours: Tue - Fri: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm and 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm/
Sat - Sun: 11:30 am - 10:00 pm

Kudos serve a mix of English, Spanish, French, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Daily specials and weekly two course express set lunch menu are available. On a beautiful Saturday evening, the team were invited by the proprietor to sample some of their best offerings. We knew we up to something exciting, as our kind host for the evening Mr. Mark rolled up his sleeves, and headed into the kitchen, after a good chat.
Saturday and Sunday, at peak hour dinner time restaurant normally fully booked, to avoid disappointment please call for reservation... 088-484679
Everydayfoodilove.co/ www.foodloh.com team: (left) Melisa, Jack and Angeline with Vincent Wang from Yottacity.com
Alfred Allen (left) from Lifeandstyle.com.my, Monica and Jack from Everydayfoodilove.cowww.foodloh.com
To start the evening, we had humus on toasted bread. The texture of the hummus is smooth yet you can still feel the texture of the chickpeas.I was referring to the details earlier on, and this is what I meant, the  uniform shape of the hummus shows the care to which it was scooped and placed on the bread.
Another excellent entree was this tantalizing caviar. For some of us in the team, this is the first time such luxury touched our tongue. The mousse of which the caviar nests on was such a good complement of softness and slight saltiness, which assists to bring out the sandy texture, and fragrance from the luxurious roe.
Next up, was this adorable little cups of fennel and celery soup. The croutons give a good alternative texture for the smooth soup. The soup itself was very light and mild, so that you won't spoil your tastebuds for greatness to come. Soup of the day cost RM12, and you may ask your waiter if this one that we have here is available during your visit. The first 2 entrees are specials, so be sure to ask your kind servers on its availability.
Our next entree was this parmesan stuffed mushrooms. Breaded of course to give it a nice camouflage into thinking its something else. The mushrooms were tender and juicy with a slight saltiness. The mushroom commanded the right attention and the parmesan played a good background role. This dish cost RM18
Next up, we had Chicken pate (RM18). Not many of us are familiar with this dish, so here's a brief intro: A bread spread made from ground meat and fat, in this case it was chicken liver. The texture was really smooth and fatty and more on a lighter taste, yet firm so as to maintain its shape. Even for some of us who are liver adverse, find the taste unoffensive. When mixed with the onion chutney, it even makes the dish appealing. Again, pay attention to the way the spread of scooped. 
The next entree was a tuna and leek quiche. The custordy-egg texture wasa smooth, and accompanied with a very soft cookie like pastry. It was really as per advertised: "freshly made and with a melt-in-mouth pastry". We couldn't agree more. This version of quiche cost RM19
For our main dish, we had this wonderful Norwegian Salmon. This steak of a salmon was nicely crusted on the skin side, while the bottom lightly seared. But it is the doneness that really strike a chord with us, in a good was of course. Soft, flaky meat that feels so good to bite into, with the amazing sauce and softly buttered mashed potato, you'd have to be sitting down to eat this, lest your knees gave way. Even some of us who detest the fishy taste of cooked salmon found the dish actually appealing and left all of us wanting for more. This fine fish will cost you RM48 and worth every penny.
Next, we had the citrus salad seabass. This wholesome goodness dish comes with a unique mix of pamelo, some orange, even the potato hand a tangy taste, roquette (aka arugula). All these soury taste aims at making fish adverse people, less afraid of this healthy white meat. The seabass was, like the salmon perfectly made, with the skin crunchy, and the meat tender. This dish cost RM42 
Next up, we had spaghetti gamberi (RM48), which is basically spaghetti with prawns in Italian. The sauce on this pasta was absolutely fantastic, creamy yet still watery, giving it a "mee rebus" wetness. Filled with aromatic fresh herbs and tastiness (and sweetness) from the prawns. Above all the pasta was al dante (perfectly cooked, firm yet not hard). 
Next we had a marvelous pizza. The difference is that we had a healthy fresh vegetable salad in the centre of the pie. The crust was amazingly crispy, it also had the smokiness of meat infused in the crust. The toppings had a mix of zesty pineapple, smooth mushroom and meaty saltiness of pepperoni. The cheese was simply oozing and chewy. Pizzas costs between RM18 to RM28.
The star of the evening was this Australian Ribeye. Prime beef sitting atop creamy mashed potato. The Chef took the liberty of giving us 3 different doneness, with medium, done and medium rare. The beef was seared with minimal spices and flavoring, so you can savor the fragrance of this fine beef. Even the beef that was well done, was still juicy, so you can imagine how oozing it is for the other 2. Indeed a dish to savour. This prime beef will cost RM68

Everydayfoodilove.co/ www.foodloh.com team: Melisa, Jack, Monica and Angeline with Vincent Wang and Linda from Yottacity.com and Alfred Allen (left) from Lifeandstyle.com.my

Shot with Nikon/Canon/Panasonic
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