Fagor's Oven, a unique solution for each kitchen style and need

Let's face it, cooking for Asians like us usually involves a stove top in high heat, with wok and either a spatula or ladle. But to create a dish more sophisticated like the pictures above and below, it would require a sophistication via a state-of-the-art oven that only Fagor can provide. But wait a second, this is no ordinary oven, this is a Multifunction oven that earns itself a title of a complete Star Product.

But still, cooking with an oven (and a multifunction one at that) can be a tad intimidating. Watching AFC (Asian Food Channel) doesn't help as well with all that scary dials and timers that you have to master, just to get the right browning and the right places. Furthermore, I remembered cleaning grandma's oven was such a chore, brushing and scraping away at burnt surfaces for hours, after she baked us a killer pie (it was worth it though). 
But of course my fears were allayed. This is Fagor after all, creator of all appliances that eases our life instead of burdening it. Not only was it so simple, it had so many functions as well. Again I wasn't sure what all the functions were for, but let's put it in simplest language: It could grill a perfect burger as if it was grilled on top of a BBQ pit. I even managed to cook both fish and and roast chicken at the same time right in the same oven, and get this, the taste from the fish did not transfer to the chicken. Amazing isn't it!! Even baking cakes and making soufflés is such a breeze, and I kid you not.
If that isn't good enough, this multifunction oven is also fool-proofed, the tray can be taken out completely, while still sitting on its bracket at the tip without falling off from the weight of the food. This means I could turn whatever that is cooking on the other side to evenly brown my meal. At the same time, it's able to limit contact with the heat from the oven. Apart from the safety features, it is also darn easy to clean. Not only on the outside but the insides as well, the inside cover of the door comes off easily without having to ask "Inspector Gadget" for help. The outside, despite its shiny surface, does not leave any fingerprints at all. I mean oh my gosh, it's better than an iPad. Maybe Apple Inc. should learn from Fagor on how to make their screens.  
Cooking is so easy that even more now, the men wants in on the action!
Make Fagor Multifunction oven an integral part of your life today, I know I will, and so will my mom, who used to be afraid of ovens (from reading tabloid stories of how ovens somehow manage to 'cook' unsuspecting housewives). I guess the safety features of Fagor's multifunction oven changed her mind. Well, now those cooking shows on AFC seems easy to do now don't you think?
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