Meng Kei Kah Hiong Siew Sik @ Old Klang ROad

Awesome Steam Fish head! Spotted this place sometime ago which was patronized by a large crowd located at road-side along Old Klang Road, we decided to give it a try. My favorite weekend dining out spot, and it is always crowded, sometimes to the point of their steamed fish heads being sold out, so it is always a good idea to go earlier during weekend.

"Meng Kei Kah Hiong Siew Sik" or Meng Kei Homecooked Dish Highly Recommended Dish: Steam Fish Head and Stuffed Chicken Wing Spot this signboard when you're searching for this place....quite a popular roadside hawker stall....located next to the Old Klang Wet Market and right under bridge

Located just right across The Scott Garden

Stir-fried Romaine Lettuce, RM8.00
Good green for the day....fiber rich

Fei Gai Yik (Stuffed Chicken Wings), RM8.00
Deep fried chicken wings deliciously coated with sweet sauce, deboned and stuffed with fish paste..highly recommended dish. 

Steamed Fish Head with ginger paste, RM23.00
I love fresh water fish, this is so good! Sauce was mixed perfectly, carry a sweet flavour, nice aroma from ginger paste and a touch of chinese cooking wine. 
Steamed Lala, RM20.00
Fresh clams steamed with chinese cooking wine. Simple, yet sweet and delicious.
Signature's Fried Tofu, RM8.00
A mixture of beancurd and fish paste, deep fried til crispy. Thumbs up!

Lotus Root with Pork Bone Soup (Compliment dish for my brother)
Total paid for dinner, RM80.00

Shot with Nikon D7000
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