Fagor Washing Machine with EFFISILENT 50% quieter
I always find washing clothes such a chore, and I don’t mean washing ‘em using my bare hands. I’m talking washing machines. Yes, that is how I dread washing clothes. Sometimes the piles of dirty clothes gets higher and higher and all I can do, or rather, wish I could do, is move to a new house.

It’s not that the washing machine nowadays are bad, it’s just that I want the machine to do the thinking for me without cracking my head to sort out the colors from the whites.  Sometimes I really need a Ross Geller in my life to teach me how not to get pink (previously white) socks. Basically I want an idiot proof washing machine.  I also feel that with every wash I make in the machine, brings me ever so closely to a visit to the chiropractor.

Oh and don’t get me started with moving clothes from the washer to the dryer. Why can’t they just put the 2 damned thing in one little box.  And is it too much to ask for my washing machine to be tivo-ed. Not that I want it to record the next desperate housewives. Its just that all I want is to be able to dump my brand new sultry dress in the machine after a hard night of partying, wake up very late the next day and have my man-magnet dress nice and dry fresh from the machine. 

Thankfully, FAGOR has come up with a solution to all my problems above. At first look, it seems like any other washing machine. But check it out, LCD screen baby!! What for? Well we live in a society that relies heavily on gooey. No not that mushy yucky stuff, but as in GUI acronym for Graphical User Interface. AKA washing machines for dummies who only knows IOS 4 (or Android, if that’s where you swing). So you can operate the machine and the good maid inside the machine will tell you if you’re doing it right by looking at the LCD.

Its ergonomic design also cuts down your trip to the chiropractor because you don’t stress your back picking up clean clothes. If that’s not enough, you can even time your washes so that it finish just in time from your grocery shopping, thereby preventing those times where you left your clothes in the washer for just an hour too long till it gets stinky.

So, what are you waiting for? Time to change....
Get a new Fagor Washing Machine Now!!!
Dryer, heats that cares for your clothes
Fagor Dryer offers the outstanding durability. A stackable model with front-mounted controls and is flat on top. 

Just like the washer, Fagor's dryers are just as easy to use and just as perfectly designed to spare your back from all those torture you mete out on it for picking up dry clothes from the dryer.

It also has the same LCD to display GUI's. It has all the brains of a caring mother, so that you won't leave your clothes in too long till it either gets too Stretchy or Shrinkage. You have no idea how many clothes I've donated to the salvation army for oversized women and petite girls.

Fagor Washer-dryer
The perfect combination. Save time, save space in one wash, with maximum performance.
Heck, why bother even moving the clothes from the washer to the dryer, FAGOR has a Godsend washer and dryer all in one box. Prayer answered right? Well get this, you can even time your wash so that my sultry dress is clean, crisp and dry by the time I wake up the next morning (ahem..I mean afternoon) and ready for party the next night. And because FAGOR machines are gentle on the clothes, I don’t have to worry that my silky man-magnet gowns get torn up with goodness- knows-what’s-inside-the-machine yesteryears. 

Hmm..maybe there is a Ross Geller after all in this life, for every laundry-virgin Rachel Green out there.

And don’t worry about maintenance. There’s a call guy, no not that kind of guy, but a fix-it-up guy you can call from anywhere in Malaysia, and these trained expert will put your machine back up on its feet in no time. 
Have more time for yourself.....let technology give you a helping hand.
Let's your kids have fun and worry less about how dirty they will get....All you need is a Fagor Washing Machine to ease up your chores!!!
A comprehensive series of kitchen appliances from a single manufacturer under one roof
FAGOR is a leading Spanish electrical apliances manufacturer and one of the largest cooperative groups in the world. A market leader in Spain, FAGOR successfully competes throughout Europe, Eastern Europe, USA and Asia. In total, FAGOR is represented in over 100 countries across 5 continents. In Malaysia, Fagor Home Appliances (M) Sdn.Bhd. was established in the year 2000. Wholly owned by Fagor Electrodomesticos, S.Coop, Spain; the FAGOR brand has become locally recognised amongst various distribution channels as the market leader in bulit-in home appliances. FAGOR’s Operation’s Office caters to the following services:
Marketing and Sales
Logistic and Distribution
Technical and After Sales Service
Management and Accounts.

A complete and versatile product range
Whatever your kitchen needs, FAGOR Malaysia stylishly caters for every kitchen requirement. From everyday necessities of washers, dryers and dishwashers, to hobs, hoods, ovens and microwaves for every cooking eventuality. FAGOR refrigerators handles the demand of large families while coffee machines and wine chillers offer a little something extra. A versatile range of sinks and taps ensure that there is always room for FAGOR to become part of your kitchen lifestyle.

FAGOR onsite distribution centre carries stocks for all appliances ensuring fast service and delivery times to customers. The main warehouse in Port Klang is just a short journey from the HQ in Shah Alam.

Technical / Training Centre
For faulty products under or over warranty, in-house technicians are on site to examine, report and repair your appliances.

Spare Part Facilities
Original spare parts are availlable at all times for the complete range of FAGOR appliances to ensure minimum wait times.

Delivery Facilities
Ensuring you don’t have to wait too long for you new Fagor appliances, our fleet of delivery trucks are constantly on the road delivering goods across the country.

For more information, login to their official website and go through their washing machine product range....www.fagor.com.my

Fagor Malaysia
Fagor Home Appliances (M) Sdn Bhd.
Lot 9 - Unit B2, Natco Industrial Park,
Lorong Keluli 1B, Seksyen 7,
Perindustrian Bukit Raja Selatan,
40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor D.E., Malaysia
Tel: +603 3341 9966
Fax: +603 3343 2799
Call Centre: 1-300-88-5188
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.fagor.com.my


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