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TerraVida Cafe @ Lintas

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TerraVida Cafe, Lintas
Tel: 088-288707
Business hours: Mon-Fri, 11am-12am and Sat-Sun/Public Holiday, 3pm-1am
Food: 4/5
Services: 4/5
Cleanliness: 4/5
Visit reviewed: 31/03/2010
Our curiosity had successfully bring us back to Terravida for a second review. There were quite a lot of comments recommended us to try their signature dishes; Hiong Tai Mee Hoon, Fried Tung Hoon and Rojak. We believed our blog's viewers, so we are back for more.
Tonight we ordered their Signature Dishes : 
Hiong Tai Mee Hoon, Fried Tang Hoon and Rojak
KitChai Hammoy (Hot), RM2.50
Throat soothing drink
Blueberry Nata Coco, RM6.00
Rojak, RM5.00
The Rojak was delicious. Rich prawn paste sauce mixed with assorted fruits and Yau Char Kui topped with sesame seeds.
Fried Tang Hoon, RM6.50
The Fried Tang Hoon comes with fresh prawns, fish cake slices, egg, chicken meats and vegetables. It was very light and wasn't oily. The taste was quite good.
French Fries, RM5.00
Hiong Tai Mee Hoon, RM7.00
 The Hiong Tai Mee Hoon serving size was quite big. The Mee Hoon was fried till crispy and topped with hot gravy. It was fragrantly good. Both crunchiness and softness textures of the Mee Hoon can be tasted in every bites. It was Jack's favourite dish.
Wat Tan Hor, RM6.50
Unlike other Tai Chow's stall, the Wat Tan Hor here wasn't oily but it still had the 'wok hei' and tasted good. The Koay Teow was fried with soy sauce and garlic, then, topped with the egg's gravy. The prawns was very fresh and tasted springy and sweet.
Tonight Dinner bill, RM39
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Anonymous said...

at terravida i like the fried udon n bake rice with door step,if drink i like the mango frape.

happy said...

Terravida is a nice place,we usually go at about 10.00pm ,staff verry friendly.
Avocado juice is my love ,i hv tasted many
places ,lastly i found it here , the BEST avocado juice ,my second choice is mango ice blended, and recently the staff recommend me to taste thier mango longan ABC,good.....i like it also.Food i usually take kampung fried more thing is the price is reasonable.

Anonymous said...

Terravida is a nice place but worstly its charge 1 glass of chinese tea (warm) RM1.. Is it too expensive for it? I never pay RM1 for 1 glass of chinese tea warm & the glass was small..

Anonymous said...

yes..true,the chinese tea is glas,bt u can refuned until u finish....bcoz the staff toll me like that,at terravida got one staff very good service and friendly is name like lija or lita??????,u just as her.

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