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Tanjung Lipat Corner (Corner TLC) @ Anjung Selera, Likas Highway

Monica Sunday, April 11, 2010 , , , , ,
Tanjung Lipat Corner
Location: corner lot of Anjung Selera
Food: 4/5
Service: 3/5
Cleanliness: 3/5
Visit reviewed: 9/04/2010
Where is the best place to enjoy dinner while watching the beautiful sunset? Try Anjung Selera! I would said most locals here especially Chinese, had never been to Anjung Selera for dinner before. People had always been pessimistic and thought that the food at Anjung Selera will never be good. It is the second time we went to Anjung Selera, we were going to discover another place for good food again.
Previously, we went to Likas Highway Corner and find that their food was not bad and the price were reasonable. However, little did we know that during sunset, the beautiful scenery is something that we can enjoy there.

Since we were taking off from work today, we managed to have an early dinner at Anjung Selera while enjoying the sunset.
After taking a survey, I chose to have our dinner at TLC Corner.
Angeline was tempted by the burger's stall while Jack and I wanted to try the Grilled Chicken Wings.
By looking at the Grilled Chicken Wings, who could resist themselves from ordering some?
6 x Grilled Chicken Wings, RM9.00
The Grilled Chicken Wings was delicious. It was well-marinated and the marination was rich in spices flavours. We couldn't have enough of it.
2 x Sirap Limau and Sirap Bandung, RM6.30
Sizzling Beef with Fried Rice, RM6.00
The Sizzling Beef with Fried Rice was a quite special dish. It was flavourful with a little bit of spiciness.
Sizzling Seafood with Fried Rice, RM6.50
The Sizzling Seafood with Fried Rice was good too. Comes with octopus and prawns. The gravy tasted a little bit spicy and the fried rice was fragrantly good.
Stir-fried baby Kai Lan with oyster sauce, RM8.00
Mee Goreng Basah with chicken, RM5.00
The Mee Goreng Basah was nice. Nice savoury wok taste and flavourful too.
Burger Daging Special, RM4.00
The Burger Daging Special comes with beef patty, egg, baked bean and salad. Yummy!
Tonight Dinner, RM44.30

Today Meditation:
Anything that is given can be at once taken away.
We have to learn never to expect anything,
and when it comes it's no more than a gift on loan.

John McGahern

Many people argue that we have to have high expectations of life, that we ought to expect the best and only the best for ourselves, and then the best will manifest itself in our lives and we'll be happy and fulfilled. To a certain extent, I believe they're right, for the energy that we put out tends to come back to us, and if we put out positive, expectant energy, then good things are bound to come our way.

The Zen masters or the Buddhist monks would tell us that we should expect nothing but what life wants to give us, and that life always will give us what we need. When we expect life to give us something particular, a new relationship, a new job, a return on an investment, we're setting ourselves up for disappointment when it turns out that life sees that there's something that would be better for us. Perhaps we'll lose all our money in a certain investment, but the lessons we learn will help us greatly two years from now when we really need it much more.

Everything's on loan, for one day we shall die, and we will take nothing with us but the lessons that we've learned while we've been here. Hopefully those lessons won't be about how to attain financial or material wealth, but about how to love and give and live life fully. Hopefully we won't have learned to hoard money, but to share it. Hopefully we won't have learned to expect people to do or say what we want them to, but to expect them to be themselves and express themselves as they will, no matter what we expect from them.

It is the preoccupation with possession,
more than anything else, that prevents
people from living freely and nobly.

Bertrand Russell
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Jaynier said...

OMG. Look at those juicy, red chicken wings! Must come here next time.

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