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Day 1 Taipei Trip - DA CHE LUN Japanese Restaurant

Angeline Sunday, April 18, 2010 , ,
We were still at Xi Men Ding, after the desserts we walked and window-shopped around. First stop was at the cap and bag shop, thought of buying a cap for a friend but not successful, tried many and it's just not good enough.
Wow! The shoes and clothes here were all so colourful, mostly targeted on the youngster market. We went into this shop to look at the shoes, surprisingly, the shoes like Nike and Adidas, are at least RM50-RM100 cheaper than the prices in Malaysia, we were so tempted to buy but second thought of it, we have so many pairs of shoes, better don't waste money. We bought a few pairs of socks here, then, we asked the direction to go to the shop that sell yoga mats and yoga attires.
Another sport shoes shop, this one give more discount, cheaper!
Hmmm.. then we saw "Da Che Lun" across the street, we were told that this Japanese Restaurant serve good quality food at reasonable price. Really tempting to try it. We stand outside the restaurant looking at the food, moving on the conveyor belt....thinking to have..or not to have....then I said let's try it! We all agreed, but no empty seat were available downstairs, the place where all the happening of food preparation and the place where you can pick up your own food. The waitress lead us to upstairs, we seated a while but felt that the ambiance was a bit boring, so we decided to be seated downstairs. We have to wait at the entrance for about half an hour but we didn't wasted our times. We started to snapped food pictures from outside of the shop, hehe. When some patrons left the restaurant, we got our seats but it was quite cramped. Our total bill cost NT900.
At last we got our seat here, yeah!
At first we were seated upstairs
 Sorry, can't capture a clear photos, it's on the moving train
 Food we ordered
Asparagus with mayonnaise
Wow! Asparagus was so fresh, sweet, juicy and crunchy
Don't order this, tasteless, eeewwww! Tasted like jelly in soy sauce
 Egg Roll with Salad
Yes, absolutely good, from the skin to the fillings, everyone agreed!
Sashimi Shrimps
Tasted a bit of saltiness from the roes, sweetness of the shrimps and when you bite through it you'll hear the "pop..pop" sound..yummmy
Unagi Sushi
Thick flesh, great taste!
Grilled Scallop Sushi
Flesh is so fresh, it melt in your mouth, no fishy smell at all, yummm so good!
Stir-Fried Pork with Onion (Japanese Pork, meat from the neck area)
The best stir-fried pork I ever had in Japanese restaurant, pork meat were so tender, juicy and it will just melt in your mouth; and the onion, if you eat it with your eyes close, you'll never know that you're eating onion. Must order this dish when you're there!
 Salmon Sushi
The Salmon was really fresh. Sushi rice topped with thick and fresh Salmon is really delicious.
Below, we took photo of other people order
If you can read chinese, below are the address

Today Meditation:
Slow down and take the time to really see. 
Take a moment to see what is going on around you right now, 
right where you are. 
You may be missing something wonderful.

J. Michael Thomas

You may be surprised at just how many great things are around us all the time. Sometimes we don't see them because we're in a hurry and we don't make time to see them. Sometimes we don't see them because we get so used to them that we start to take them for granted and we lose sight of them. We have some very beautiful pictures in our house, and I have to say that I don't usually see them because they're too familiar--every once in a while I'll notice one and stop and look at it, and ask myself why I don't see and recognize and appreciate its beauty every day. It's there for me every day, but I'm not open to its presence.

It makes me wonder how many other things I miss. The sad truth is that I'll never know, because I've missed them. It feels sometimes as if I've been given some wonderful gifts that I just walk right by, never opening them or even noticing them.

Slow down. Possibly the wisest words we'll hear in our lives. "But I can't," we say, "because of all the demands life puts on me." But then comes the question, "Just how pressing are these demands that we can't even take a few minutes to appreciate the world? If they're that pressing, are they truly worth it?"

We think we can see because our eyes work, because we've been seeing almost since the day we were born. But there's much more to seeing than having our eyes open.

One never knows what each day is going to bring.
The important thing is to be open and ready for it.

Henry Moore
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