SRS MY CAFE @ 1Borneo

SRS MY Cafe at 1Borneo offer valuable set meal with price starting from RM6.50. Located next to Home Cafe, the cafe possessed a very strategic location in the mall.

Location: Next to Home Cafe, LG Floor, 1Borneo
Buttered Fish with Rice (Set) RM6.50
All the Rice Set Meal comes with a sunny side-up and your choice of dish. The Buttered Fish was delicious and rich in butter's flavour. Goes well with rice.
Ginger with Spring Onion Fish Fillet (Set) RM6.50
As a fish's lover, I'm also afraid of fishy taste of certain fish. On the safe side, ordering the fish fillet stir-fried with ginger and spring onion is the best choice as both the ginger and spring onion act as a remedy to fishy taste. The savoury and fragrantly good gravy of the fish goes well with the steamed rice while the fish fillet tasted great.


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