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Restoran Razzali @ Kingfisher

Monica Saturday, January 7, 2012 , , , ,

Restoran Razzali is located at the ground floor, below A-Foo Vegetarian Restaurant in Kingfisher. During the night, huge crowds could be spotted at the restaurant watching football or catching up with friends.

Restoran Razzali
Location: Same row with 7Eleven
Teh O Iced RM1.80
Double Chicken Burger Special RM5.00
The Double Chicken Burger Special consist of two chicken patties, an omelet, shredded cabbage and burger bun spread with mayonnaise and chili sauce. It tasted pretty good and filling.
Roti Canai RM1.20
The chewy, fluffy and crispy texture of Roti Canai made it a popular order in a mamak. Dipped with flavourful curry's gravy. It is simple yet d
Fried Rice with Chicken RM4.50
Rice stir-fried with fried chicken, cabbage and egg. Savour with wok taste, the fried rice tasted good.

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