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Restoran Farvis Curry House @ Kingfisher

Monica Tuesday, August 30, 2011 , , ,

Restoran Farvis Curry House in Kingfisher is one of the restaurant where you can get cheap Fried Chicken with Rice (RM3.50) and good Mutton Curry.

Restoran Farvis Curry House
Location: Next to Restoran 818
Fried Chicken with Rice RM3.50
A piece of Fried Chicken at Restoran Farvis Curry House only cost RM2.50. Noticeably, many patrons love to order the Fried Chicken as a side dish to go with roti canai or fried noodle. It tasted good with rice topped with curry sauce too.
Mutton Curry RM4.00
Spicy food lover will never regret ordering the Mutton Curry. The dish consist of rich curry spices flavour and tasted spicy while the mutton contained mild gameness taste.
Roti Canai RM1.20/piece
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