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As a Personal Fitness Trainer, I am on the go all the time, having a healthy meal becomes a challenge. It's important for me to maintain a lean and fit body shape to keep my clients motivated. This is where Shogun2U Shake&GO comes in real handy. It is a salad-in-a cup jam-packed with nutrition, so you can have a well balanced diet whilst keeping up with your busy schedule like me! With a history of exceptional experiences in the food industry, you can be assured every cup of salad is a masterpiece!
Each Cup of Shake&GO costs between RM14.90-RM18.90
It is a complete meal with your daily requirement of carbs from pasta, protein from Chicken bits, and important vitamins and minerals from vegetables, fruits and their healthy salad dressing. For a health concious and fitness advocate such as myself, it is important to fuel my body in between workouts. With these Shake&Go meals made by Shogun2u, I am assured of only the freshest and most nutritious ingredients are used.
The fruits and vegetables are refreshing and crunchy, while the meat is flavourful. Bathed in light salad dressing, I am really convinced that these stuff are really good for me.There are 32 different combination so you can literally have these awesome salad for 365 days. Heck that's 1 flavour more than that famous American Ice-cream chain, and no body got tired of those.
Shogun2U Shake&GO
Shogun2U boasts an affordable chef prepared meals. So you are assured of a long history of exceptional experiences in the food industry. They have received awards to recognize their cooking proficiency, appeared on the local television show and previously worked for distinguished companies and functions. Their tasty, high quality and affordable chef prepared meals is convenient and reliable. They ensure to deliver the best in every meal.
My daily routine of indoor cycling for cardiovascular fitness
As you can see, I maintain a very tight schedule, I train hard before meeting client to ensure I have the proper physique. Because I believe how I present myself brings out the confidence in all of my clients. I start my morning early, hence, no time to prepare a healthy meal. Luckily, I have Shogun2U shake and go to keep me all amped up with energy.
Maintaining my body weights around 48.5kg - 51kg throughout the year. All thanks to combination of healthy diet and rigorous training.
Selfie to check my body shape. Proves that all that salad dressing sauces really is healthy after all.
Selfie to check my body shape
Never skip my daily stretching
Private Yoga or Personal Training for house call. My youngest clients, only 7 years old and 9 years old, both are top performing swimmers at school. And these are just the tip of my client schedule iceberg
Cute boys
 Personal Training Session
From then on it is just back-to-back of yoga classes till the end of the day. With virtually no time at all to prepare my own meal and with healthy food in restaurants in limited number, I am really lucky to have Shogun2U to provide me with that healthy food that I require.
Personal Indoor Cycling Session
 Corporate Yoga Class
Corporate Event Yoga Session
Group Yoga Session
With only these awesome babies here, It has just the perfect amount of energy and nutrition I need to face each day. Shoutout to Shogun2U Shake&GO
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