We seem to have a long standing obsession with everything Hong Kong, from canto pop, tv series, movies to its unique cuisine. Building on and feeding on this obsession, now we have a new destination on their radar when it comes to filling up the belly with Hong Kong. We present to you, new project by the linear descendant and third generation of Mak Woon-Chee, who was famously known as the “King of Wonton Noodle” in Guangzhou back in the 1920s. With an almost 100-years old recipe and decades of experience running noodle eateries in Hong Kong, Mak’s Chee is no amateur in recreating authentic taste in Malaysia.

MAK’S CHEE Authentic Wonton
Lot LG311D (Opposite Cold Storage)
Bandar Utama City Centre, Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Let's start our coverage with the soup, which slow-cooked soup base is mastered with top-quality dried halibut, prawn roes, pork bones, and many more secret ingredient creating a clear broth with sophisticated character. To carry-on the cooking tradition of our ancestors, our wonton is always put underneath the noodle. Soup is poured in last to maintain the springiness and texture of our noodle. We suggest you to consume as soon as the bowl is delivered to your table for the best culinary experience. Every spoonful of the soup is so luxurious that leave you wanting more.
Signature Sea prawn wonton noodle, RM12.90
This restaurant uses wild catch fresh sea prawns with top-quality dried prawn roes seasoning, resulting in authentic crunchy texture and fresh taste. Their thin and almost translucent wonton skin is made out of specially flattened dough, together with their century-old wonton- wrapping technique, their signature hand-made “goldfish tail” wonton made possible. The sweet succulent is so simple yet so rich at the same time.
As for their noodles, Mak’s Chee selects quality flour and golden duck eggs with multiple dough flattening techniques to release excessive air for ultimate springiness of their noodles. Special rollers and cutter are essential tools in making golden, silky, thin yet springy signature noodles. When it comes to noodle-making, they are perfectionist and we insist on small noodle portions to maintain their desired texture. That's why these noodles are so firm, holds together very well and so silky smooth.
Prawn Roe Noodle, RM14.90
This meat dish was soft, tender and dissolves in your mouth. It is also infused with lots of herbs and spices. This gives it so many level of flavour.
Braised Beef Tendon/ Brisket, RM15.90
Braised Beef Tendon/ Brisket, RM19.90
Deep Fried Wonton, RM16.90
This golden and crunchy deep fried wanton is yet another awesome dish, soft and succulent filling and crunchy skin, so many level of taste and texture.
Mak Chee only uses the freshest ingredients, and this is evident in their vegetable dishes. So simple yet so refreshing, and only a dash of sauce is needed so as not to overwhelm the fresh veges.
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