Authentic Japanese Restaurant "SASAGAWA" (named after the Executive Chef Sasagawa) is now open on the 2nd floor of Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel. They provide the best Authentic Japanese Cuisine here in Kuala Lumpur, serving “fresh seasonal Japanese ingredients imported directly from Japan” while using “Malaysian ingredients” to create that true Authentic Japanese Cuisine.

Level 2, Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur,
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hours: Monday - Sunday
Lunch: 12:00 PM - 2:30 PM (Last Order 2:00 PM)
Dinner: 6:00 PM - 10:30 PM (Last Order 10:00 PM)
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Phone: +603 2606 3288
Sasagawa provide a full scale Japanese food in a modern presentation. The atmosphere is designed to look like the good old ancient city of Kyoto. 
Executive Chef Sasagawa who had developed his skill under the training of Chef Tadamichi Ota. Chef Sasagawa will used his knowledge of high class Malaysian and Japanese ingredients to provide the best Authentic Japanese Experience.

Chef Recommendation Menu:
*3 Different Types of Dinner Course Menu (Highly Recommended)
* A La Carte: Sashimi, Sushi, Pot Stew and Steak (more than 90 dishes to choose from) and also daily imported fresh ingredients of the day.
*4 Types of Bento: Chef's Special Bento, Tempura Bento, Sushi Bento and Teppan Bento.

Appetiser: Tomato, Egg Tofu and Sliced Fish with Nanbanduke
Refreshing fresh tomato imported directly from KOCHI Perfecture, Japan
Silky smooth steamed egg tofu made with Japanese Dashi stock topped with salmon egg, dash of gold, radish and wasabi
Fresh cut fish topped with Nanbanduke (pickle vegetable with red pepper) Kikka Flower and Loofah marinated with vinegar
Sashimi: Maguro (Tuna), Chutoro (Medium Tunna Belly), Shimaaji (Striped Jack), Salmon Aburi (Braised Salmon) and Botan Ebi (Sweet Shrimp). Best fresh daily imported from Japan, this was really fresh and sweet.
Grilled Dish: Kuroge Wagyu Steak with Japanese Seasonal Vegetables (Kuroge Wagyu is a Black Hair Cow)
If you don't eat beef they will offer seafood the next best fresh ingredient for you. Grilled fresh abalone with a sweet and chewy texture.
Pot Stew: Japanese Style Onion Stock with braised pike conger, sea bass, octopus, Kujo green onion, mizuna, rolled Chinese cabbage, Maitake mushroom and lime.
Steamed Dish: Special Chawanmushi
Steamed egg with Goma (sesame) tofu, topped with thin sliced winter melon, wolf berry and sesame cream. This dish has a smooth custard and creamy texture which was quite amazing.
Deep Fried Dish: Tempura
Chef's created this dish with cha soba sushi served in special stock and glazed daikon radish, topped with white onion and wasabi.
Shokuji (Rice Dish) + Miso Soup + Pickle
Rice cooked in small kettle topped with salmon, salmon egg and Shiso leaf. Miso Soup: using the good quality Fukusa Miso. Pickle: Seaweed Arima-Ni (Arima-Ni simmered using green Japanese peppercorn)
 Desserts: Yuzu Sorbet, Macha Ice Cream, Black Sesame Ice Cream or Yukimi Daifuku
Yukimi Daifuku
Highly recommended you try this, a fluffily outer layer and a not overly sweet creamy vanilla ice cream filling...thumbs up!
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