Foodogenic Restaurant @ Cyber Square, KK

Our trigger happy fingers (on the camera of course) and writing prowers have been summoned upon, this time by the proprietors of Foodogenic Restaurant. Many have been here before us, and we've had second hand knowledge of the artistic flair from the men behind the scene. A wide array of food ranging from kadazandusun delicacies, Malay favorites to western cuisines grace the menu of this establishment.

Foodogenic Restaurant
Jalan Cyber Square 2,
Kota Kinabalu
Tel: 013-853 0659
Business hours: 8:00am - 10:45pm
Facebook: Foodogenic Restaurant
They have a cozy decor that caters to adult and children's corner on the upper floor. So diners can linger on long after their delicious meals
These deep fried homemade tofu looks nothing like what you'd expect from its namesake. I'm of the opinion that the name doesn't do justice for its appearance. Battered then breaded and deep fried to give that crunchy and crisp texture, then you come to the soft oozing core, it almost feels sinfully good, that you feel the need to go through immediately, but rest assured all that gooey goodness is actually soy.
Deep fried homemade tofu RM8
This next featurette is almost expected from establishments like these. The toppings of earthy mushroom, chuncky chicken, savory cheese and fragrant sauce is so massive, that the near paper-thin crust just lay limp under that mass of toppings as you lift each slices up. Something about a well hung object that is so attractive..and so delicious at the same time.
Chicken mushroom pizza RM13
This humongous burger is rather unique..sure it has the trappings of any gourmet burger..fries presented in that rustic paper bag, nicely toasted bun enveloping sunny side up, grilled cheese, caramalized onions drenched in spicy-sour mustard, tomatoes and romaine lettuce, served up on an artisan chopping board. Nothing unique right?..well you'de be wrong. The magic is in the patty, a circular and thick beef sausage nicely infused with pepper, herbs and lots of spices that you feel the whoosh immediately as you bite in that makes you go...'Whoa, what was that?' but in a good way.
Beef burger with fries RM13
And then, there are the local delicacies that grace the menu of foodogenic. First up, nasi goreng kampung "Alap Bana", takes the jewel in the crown in our opinion. Something about fried rice laced with ikan bilis and kangkung that is so comforting in its earthy aroma with savory and crunchy texture of the bilis and kangkung stalk, even the rice has the right shade of brown. Topped off with sunny side up it is already good where it is..but foodogenic goes a step further by adding three big pieces of crunchy battered chicken, so it adds more bang to your buck. Fits its namesake of "something good" if you ask me.
Nasi Goreng Kampung "Alap Bana" RM9
Foodogenic brings to the term 'go local' to its literal sense. Hinava served in a bamboo boat doesn't get anymore local than that. To the uninitiated, hinava is a kadazandusun delicacy of raw fish pickled in either lime juice or vinegar, laced with shallots and chilli padi. The fish, after pickled for a long time, has a similar texture as being cooked, but retains that nice firm bite. The acidity of the fish gives a sharp bang at first, but when mixed with the savory meehon, then the combination comes alive. A truly creative dish that is a must try for all
Hinava Fish Sauce Meehoon RM9
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