The Heartland Group, a consortium of apple growers in New Zealand have created the world’s first commercially viable single strain apple juice made from its signature eve™ apples. eve™ Juice made its global debut in Malaysia recently at Jason’s Food Hall, Bangsar Shopping Complex. The pure, no-preservatives, no-added sugar, cloudy apple juice which is available in one-litre glass carafes is exclusive to the GCH Retail Group in Malaysia namely Jasons Food Hall, Mercato and Cold Storage. Single strain apple juice is superior as it allows the natural flavour to remain largely unchanged and preserves the taste and the aroma of the apple. In contrast, multiple-variety apple juices usually require sugar and the use of other additives to stabilise the taste.

(left-right) Mr Brendon Osborn, General Manager of Heartland Fruit New Zealand, Matt Ritchie, New Zealand Trade Commissioner, NZTE, Mie Shareen, Store Manager Jasons Food Hall, BSC, Charles Van Coller, Operations Manager, Mercato and Jasons Food Hall
Eve™ Apples, discovered and cultivated only in New Zealand, is a popular apple worldwide and is naturally heavy in juice. The natural sweetness of the apple also means there’s no sugar needed in the bottled juice, making it a healthier choice especially for children. The natural tanginess and tartness of eve™ apples makes it the ideal apple for juicing.
Brendon Osborn, General Manager of Heartland Fruit gave an insightful talk on apples grown in New Zealand and the various uses of the many varieties of apples. Clearly a passionate fruit marketer, Mr Osborn explained that apples are the ‘core’ of what they do at Heartland Fruit. eve™ apples are grown and made using a method called Applecraft™, which is a proven method of growing superior quality apples.
“Because we love apples, over the years we have fine-tuned a vigorous quality process which ensures that every block of our orchard produces consistent good quality apples. We call this quality process Applecraft™ which acts as standard guideline on how we grow, harvest, pack and ship apples. It is a way we ensure the right things we do to grow apples, gets passed on from generation to generation,” said Mr Osborn.
“With great apples comes great juice. eve™ Juice is a pure, fresh beautiful cloudy juice with no added sugar, and in it you can actually taste a bottle-full of eve™ apples!”, Mr Osborn added.
The guest of honour at the launch of eve™ Juice, New Zealand Trade Commissioner, Mr Matt Ritchie emphasized the growing demand for natural, honest products that New Zealand is renowned for. “Research in New Zealand reveals that consumers are moving towards natural additive-free products, and are willing to pay a higher price for a quality product. Our apples, much like our other fruits are sought after globally for its superior quality and this comes essentially from the earth, climate and environment they are cultivated in, and of course, the methods passed down through generations.”
The Heartland Fruit group is made up of four passionate apple orchadists based in Nelson, New Zealand. Together they produce a range of apples called Luv’ya™ apples. The Luv’ya™ apples range include old favourites such as Royal Gala, and Braeburn. Heartland are also growers of proprietary varieties such as the sweet, tart and popular Pink Lady™, sweet, crunchy and flavourful Ambrosia™ and the juicy and firm Smitten™ which is another variety from New Zealand’s apple breeding programme. Heartland owns the growing rights for the bright red and juicy crisp eve™ and the strong and sweet Divine™.
Marking the launch of eve Juice, from l-r, Mr Matt Ritchie, New Zealand Trade Commissioner, Mr Charles Van Coller, Operations Manager, Mercato and Jasons Food Hall, Mr Brendon Osborn, General Manager of Heartland Fruit New Zealand, Mr Mie Shareen, Store Manager Jasons Food Hall 
According to Mr Osborn, the company chose to launch the juice in Malaysia first, as the market had shown a demand for good quality pure apple juice amongst the discerning consumers according to its exclusive retail partner in Malaysia GCH Retail Malaysia.

“We pride ourselves in delighting our customers with new arrivals in gourmet gastronomy from all over the world. Having the world launch of eve™ Juice at Jason’s Food Hall is indeed an honour and an endorsement of our mutual commitment to top quality products,” said Mie Shareen, Store Manager of Jason’s Food Hall.
Each bottle contains the juice of eight apples and will be available at an introductory price at RM19.99 at Jasons Food Hall, Mercato and Cold Storage.
As part of the launch, Chef Roizz from Berjaya University College of Hospitality gave an interesting food demonstration using eve™ apples, eve™ Juice and a range of Luv’ya apples from Heartland Fruit. He showed how to make delicious, mouth-watering Waldorf Salad, Apple Crumble and a smooth apple mocktail using eve™ Juice.
Apple Crumble
Eve apple sandwiches
Waldorf Salad
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