The Harvest Cheers by GAB

It’s nearing the end of the harvesting season, and villagers of all districts are preparing to celebrate in honor of Banbaazon and to thank God for the bountiful harvest and his generosity in prolonging life on earth. The Harvest cheers was organized and sponsored by Guinness Anchor Bhd (GAB), together with Guinness, Tiger, Anchor, Kilkenny, Strongbow and Paulaner, to be held at Waterfront, Kota Kinabalu, on the 29th May 2013, starting from 7PM. The Harvest Cheers welcomes everyone from all backgrounds to come celebrate this auspicious celebration.

A week before The Harvest Cheers, a GAB corner have been set up in every GAB outlet to promote The Harvest Cheers event, and also to allow customers to take pictures with the props provided. The GAB corner also plays a purpose to add harvest festival celebration feel into the ambience and get everyone excited for the festival.
A group of strolling artist, consisting of fire eaters, cultural dancers, emcee and musicians, would parade down the boulevard of Waterfront, adding colorful melodies and dance into the atmosphere and inviting the crowd to come dance and sing along.
Besides the strolling artist troupe, there would be interactive games. Customers dining at participating outlets would stand a chance to join in one of the two games and win awesome prizes. They are 5 participating outlets located around Waterfront, Bar Tzar, Cock & Bull, Novus, Shamrock and Step In.
GAB has also a surprise performance up their sleeves for all visitors who visit Waterfront during The Harvest Cheers. The surprise performance would roll out when the flow of crowd is at its peak, to increase excitement and also to get the celebration going.
The Harvest Cheers in just around the corner, and we are excited! It’s an anticipating event that should be joined by everyone. For more information on the event, call Doris Thian at +6012 510 2604. Thank you for reading our posts. Our team media coverage touches mostly on lifestyle events and focuses on happening scenes in Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. Invite us for food reviews, travel and hotel reviews, KL clubbing reviews and product launches. Our other interests include the movies, technology and photography. Subscribe to my facebook page. Contact us via my email at: [email protected] or [email protected]


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